Meet the Champ!

Writing well is not that easy. However, some guys seem to know a secret or two about our profession. Their records are quite impressive. Why not get to know them a bit better? Without further ado, please, meet our first “champ”, a professional freelancer who completed heaps of orders without earning a single late or dispute. What a performance!

For the record, we have conducted an e-mail interview with Gil. He was chosen randomly among the best performing writers (0% lates, 0% disputes, average customer mark of 8.90 and higher, 50+ pages written in April). Our interview follows below.

Dear Gil, your interview is going to be the very first one for our magazine. However, the orders you completed recently were not the first ones for sure. What brought you to writing? Where do you get your inspiration to write new papers?
I started writing as a child because I wanted to read stories I thought up. Later on at school, writing became a way to challenge myself to learn a topic fast enough to be able to discuss it properly. I began selling fiction and non-fiction works in college and made writing a central part of my freelance career. I enjoy starting from zero or almost zero and creating a finished product (article, essay, report, business plan, story, book, etc.) as fast as I can, so covering new topics for academic essays is quite easy for me.
Another aspect that deserves due praise is your attention to timely delivery and avoiding disputes. You’ve had no lates for months. Disputes are also not your story. What is your secret? How do you achieve that kind of performance?
It starts with selection. I don’t try to take a lot of orders because I have many other writing and consulting projects. I also choose those that pique my interest. If a topic is not interesting, it will most likely lead to a poor result. I aim to finish each order the day before it is due and leave time for editing. In the end, I try to keep a smooth flow of work with no rush and deliver quality papers on time.
What kind of papers do you enjoy writing the most? Do you ever complete papers on disciplines outside your main area of proficiency? Lastly, do you believe that our profession is a perfect chance to learn something new and get paid for it?
I definitely enjoy essays that require analyzing topics, especially where the analysis is not "forced" to a certain slant. I'm also eager to work on orders that comprise aspects of fictional narratives, such as creating scenarios or character/literary analysis. My main areas of proficiency are mostly related to business and sciences, but I am also interested in philosophy, art, music, and other topics because they give me a chance to learn something new. However, if I work on an essay in a topic I'm not familiar with, it is never a rush order. I use these orders to get paid for learning, but I do my best to make sure I provide the best essay possible.
Freelance writing is certainly a good way to earn a fortune. Some people say that it is absolutely necessary to spend money on stuff that makes us happy. Do you spend money on hobbies? How do you spend your free time?
I love sports and strategic board games, so I spend some money on both on a regular basis. Besides, I travel often, read about 150 books a year, and support non-profit organizations with consulting work. If there's an activity I have missed lately, it is dancing. I really should put that back on my activities list.
Is there anything you would like to tell all other writers? Perhaps some recommendations
or wishes?
Writing is about self-learning. I can't imagine anyone who writes without being self-aware and maybe even self-critical. The advantage of writing is that one can be in total control of the process, writing anywhere and anytime. But it is also a very lonely activity, so it is important to get out of the cocoon, spend time with other people, enjoy nature, and simply take a break from one's own thoughts.

That’s all about this interview. We’ll conduct a new one in the next issue. Remember that each writer has a chance to be interviewed. All it takes to get this opportunity is to demonstrate outstanding results. If you’d like to be interviewed, be sure to mention it in the feedback on the issue.

Michael Approves

Our Quality Assurance specialist Michael is known for his expertise and attention to details. He and his colleagues regularly evaluate writers and determine their college level (may be found in your profile section), which, in its turn, greatly affects writers’ rating (more details may be found in the rating details section). Let’s find out how he promotes writers. That will surely be a life hack for everyone!


Some might think that when it comes to evaluation, the QA Department looks only for something to pick on. We indeed find a lot of things that should not be there in a formal paper. However, our goal is not just to find a mistake but to help you eradicate it in future orders. Our job is really about your improvement. Therefore, we are happy when the seeds we try to plant find a proper fertile soil. I am talking about the results of your work as the writers, since your improvement and your fulfillment make us see that the time we spent working with you was not in vain.

A recent promotion of an account is an example. I am talking about account Jacinta (234371). The writer demonstrated rather mediocre statistics during the autumn High Season. Apparently, Jacinta was overloaded with the number of papers she took. As a result, her writings started to be too colloquial, and the manner of narration was too simple if not basic.

You cannot imagine how happy we were when during the latest April check, the writer’s performance appeared to be much better. The evaluation demonstrated that the writer indeed stepped up a notch in her style and understanding of the concepts of formal essay writing. Her thesis statements were especially pleasing. By the way, I wrote a guide on the thesis statement; be sure to check it out in the writing guide section of your accounts.

Back to Jacinta, her writings flowed with comprehensive, accurate statements. Nearly all awkward phrases were gone. Not even a sight of them. Lastly, her paragraphs took on a new shape: they were of a proper structure and length.

I personally wrote an appreciation message to the writer and raised the level of her account to University. It was a very nice step up, since the account was staying at College for years. A true breakthrough!

However, it was not an accident but rather a just reward. It occurred due to several reasons: 1. Jacinta started to proofread her papers way better; 2. She started to focus more on the flow of text; 3. Her thesis statements became more professional.

Thank you, Michael! As you see, getting a promotion and, consequently, a higher rating requires effort. Yet it is possible to achieve. It is all in your hands!

Keep calm and stay motivated

Visionaries and prominent figures often act as examples for all of us. What they do and how they reason often inspires others to excel and achieve better results.
Let’s take a look at a story of a new legendary entrepreneur of modern times - Elon Musk:
Click to see the video about a person who is not afraid of failure and is always ready to tackle great challenges (including those associated with launching private rockets into space). His story proves that our limits are usually set by ourselves. All it takes to achieve a goal is personal motivation.

Around the UVOworld

Our first UVOworld column is dedicated to the city dear to so many writers.
It is a city with its unique flavour, interesting history, and a bright future:

When one talks about Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, one has to factor in the history of the state. Over the recent years, the country has become a magnet for many international companies. Its economy is growing at a decent pace, which in turn translates into Kenya gradually becoming a regional power state. The entire economic output of the country is now five times larger than in 2000. The expansion speaks for itself.

All of the above factors have contributed to the development of the primary city of the country. Nairobi has expanded significantly over the past two decades. It is gradually turning into a megapolis. However, let’s not focus on numbers and history but delve into the places of interest:

  • Nairobi National Park

    Nairobi National Park is a must for those who admire animals and wildlife. Its location within the city limits makes it quite unique. One doesn’t have to travel long distances to see its beautiful residents – buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, baboon, zebra, wildebeest, and cheetah among many others. The size of the park is quite remarkable as well – 117 sq. km.

  • Nairobi National Museum

    A must-visit destination for those interested in learning Kenya’s history since independence. It houses botanical gardens, animal parks (in particular, the Snake Park), and shopping centres of traditional artifacts.

  • Two Rivers Mall

    Do you like shopping? Then you have to go to the Two Rivers Mall. It is a modern building that combines art, amusement, and shopping experience to give visitors one-stop shop for all modern life needs.

  • What Else to See?

    Nairobi has a lot to offer. Other places of interest include:

    1. Recreational parks
      1. Uhuru Park: one can enjoy the diversity of Kenya’s population, canoe riding, and amusement activities for children. Great during weekends.
      2. Uhuru Gardens: a good place for having a rest while watching the planes land and take off from Wilson Airport, away from the hustle and bustle of the Central Business District.
    2. Nairobi Railways: see ancient locomotives in modern day era. There is also a small museum for related artifacts.
    3. Upperhill: take a look at architectural buildings and office life of city dwellers. Many offices of major companies are situated here.
    4. Central Business District: walk around the streets to enjoy Kenyan and international architectural designs of major buildings like five-star hotels, KICC, Parliament, Supreme Court, and other government buildings.
  • Where to Eat?

    Nairobi boasts the presence of many international food chains, so if you are a fan of western food, you would love to visit KFC, Domino’s, or Burger King. It also has a number of local restaurant chains. Nairobi is a big city, so it is possible to find many interesting places.

    Many popular restaurants are located along Moi Avenue, Accra Road, and Tom Mboya Street. They are frequented by locals because of the cost-friendly food offers, both traditional and international cuisines. In these restaurants, one may try some local dishes like githeri (boiled and fried mixture of maize and beans) and mukimo (boiled maize in a matrix of mashed potatoes and vegs) served with soup. Another restaurant, Mama Oliech Restaurant, located a short distance from CBD, is locally famous for its fresh, delicious deep-fried fish, served with ugali (local cornmeal) and kachumbari (raw onions, tomatoes, and some vegs).

  • How To Travel?

    1. Taxi: many taxis, including even Uber, are readily available at a price tag of less than $10 if there are no traffic jams (a common issue in the Central Business District, especially during weekdays). During rush hours, you will have to pay for the time spent on a trip, not for the distance.
    2. Matatus: very efficient and convenient especially for tourists since they are labelled on the basis of the specific routes they follow and drop passengers at bus stages along their way. The highest price one can pay for a bus ticket is $1 from the Central Business District to far-away neighborhoods, such as Thika, but it will cost only $0.2 to get to nearby places.

Kenya’s capital is gradually developing into a city of a new quality. It may still need some time to be fully updated to all modern standards, but it is surely moving in that direction. Without a doubt, in some 10 years, one will see lots of new architecture in the city.

Clearly, Nairobi boasts quite a few attention grabbers! The UVOworld would like to send special thanks to Dufton 149735 for offering his expertise on what to focus on in this guide. If you have something to add, be sure to fill in a questionnaire at the end of the issue. We will appreciate your feedback!

Got a Question?

This time we are going to clarify one hot topic. Next time we will answer one of the questions submitted via the feedback on this issue.

You may wonder how many orders you will be able cover this summer. We estimate that an average writer will be able to complete around 10 orders each summer month. As a matter of fact, summer is a great time to have a rest. So we recommend that you use this time to prepare for the next high season since starting from September, the number of orders will gradually start to increase.