Meet the Champ!

At least one hundred orders written, not a single late or dispute… What do you call that? Magic? No, a Golden Pen performance!

Please, a round of applause to our heroes of the season:

Golden Pen Laureates

Consolata 395069 Trevis 179419 Faith 326803 Simon 243143
Josephat 355287 Japhlet 354197 Linus 397933 David 314671
Edith 23942 Dalyne 330839 Stephen 367607 Joaquin 397607
Frankline 402531 Rahab 395025 Amos 227771 Mitchelle 405403
Kinyua 376285 Charles 321115 Racheal 374733 David 342967
James 400333 Damarice 361559 Nicholas 311335 Erick 296797
Stephen 331247 Samuel 401673 Brenda 311035 Owen 326757
Zaccheaus 257701 Teresia 402299 Sevan 28811 Duncan 3439
James 346133 Purity 397229 Hellen 369943 Irish 314877
Susan 286333 Stephen 369991 Chelule 284525 Simon 329955
Cherish 374121 Rose 313887 Ann 357791 Beatrice 386261
Joan 321093 Japhet 376705 Maxim 418431 Anthony 283071
Moreen 410170 Justus 330325 Maggie 402677 Isaac 1523
Jacqueline 312237 Faith 359085 Richard 342851 Roy 310121
Yvonne 266621 Haron 352141 Charles 5357 Maurice 331345
Karen 316767 Lewis 395165 Denis 313515 Alex 400717
Pascal 311901 Collins 363205

Consolata (395069) is our champ this season for she has managed to complete the most orders out of the Golden Pen laureats. Let’s talk to her, shall we?

How would you describe yourself?
I am a cheerful, laid-back, and self-driven person.
Do you remember the first day you started writing? How was it?
I remember it clearly as if it were yesterday. I had just opened a new account with uvo and joined the mentorship program. I was a newbie with no polished writing skills. However, I was obsessed with perfection. I remember spending half a day to complete the one-page order (currently I need way less time for a similar task). That was crazy.
What do you think led to your success this time? How to become a top writer?
Two things: teamwork and motivation. FYI, I have a group account and work with a team of incredible writers. My team’s solidarity helped us realize a high turnover rate of orders without compromising quality. We had intrinsic motivation (the desire to enjoy the process) and extrinsic motivation, such as the financial rewards and praise that come with completing numerous high-quality orders. Special thanks to my supervisor, Dionis, who offered me tremendous support to help me achieve this feat.

A CLARIFICATION: At UVOCORP.COM, you may work as an individual freelancer. You may also choose to build your own team of writers (they are called “groups”, “group accounts”). The best teams of writers are coached by the Freelance Groups Supervisor (Dionis). The best of the best teams of writers are promoted to Freelance Offices (essentially, a team of writers with an unlimited supply of orders but very strict quality requirements). If you want to find out more about that, please contact the Writers Department via messages.

How do you manage to avoid revisions and meet customer's expectations?
That’s easy. Who am I kidding? It’s not easy at all to mitigate revisions and meet customers’ needs. But with compassion and attention to detail, I managed to achieve great outcomes. I write papers as if they were my own. Hence, I pay attention to detail and give every paper my best shot. At the end of the day, I always end up exceeding my customer’s expectations since I deliver high quality, and original work, in time. And you know what happens when you amaze your customers at uvo, right? You get customer requests and substantial tips from your customers. Don’t we all just love that?

Keep it rocking, Consolata! Thank you to everyone who did their best this season, bidding, revising and delivering their 100% quality work!

Keep calm and stay motivated

Guys, you know, there are some stories that make you wanna live, make you inspired. Today we have one such story, it is about Felix (414675). Just take a look at his track record:

  • 2017: starts to work with a team of writers
  • Jan 2020: becomes the leader of his team
  • Feb 2020: applies to become a Freelance Office, gets rejected
  • Feb-May 2020: works with the Freelance Groups Supervisor, manages to post impressive quantity scores but eventually receives 2 poor quality checks in a row, gets demoted and as such loses the ability to write a lot
  • Jul-Sep 2020: joins the Mentoring Program in a bid to nail quality
  • Oct-Dec 2020: graduates from the Mentoring Program, resumes working with the Freelance Groups Supervisor, finally manages to nail both quantity and quality
  • Jan 2021: applies to become a Freelance Office again, gets approved!
  • Feb-Apr 2021: manages to “survive” his first high season as an Office leader!

We asked Felix to share with our community his thoughts on how to be persistent and successful in the writing world:

I have been with the Uvo Community for three years, eight months, and have grown through the ranks to achieve the "UVOCORP dream" - progressing from a writer to an office leader. One thing that has kept me going is being persistent and never giving up. I have always taken any setback positively.

Set productivity and quality goals and embark on strategies on how to achieve them. Please communicate with your writers on any issue and be transparent to them. Let them know the consequences of poor quality writing and train them as the success of a group account depends on the account manager and all the writers as every order counts!

I train all my new writers and send them materials from the Uvo website for them to read and internalize. The materials, advice from the supervisor, constant communication with my writers helped me nail the quality. Besides, I advised all my writers to keep referring to the instructions as they write to avoid writing "useless papers" (which lead to writer’s fault revisions; avoid them). Hire an editor for those writers that lag behind. I did that, and it worked. I made sure that no order could be uploaded without being checked by another competent writer as fresh eyes can note a mistake. Lastly, I review most of the papers.

Thank you very much, Felix! Wishing you to one day become a #1 UVO office. Good luck!

Michael Approves


People often ask me about the difference between regular writing and pro writing. If I had to pick one aspect to describe it, that would be the quality of content analysis. You see, it is simple and difficult at the same time, but let’s take a short walk.

Regular writing is all about copy-pasting and paraphrasing. Writers find what they need and then thoughtlessly replicate that in their writings. Sometimes they perform a superficial analysis of what was written but that’s about it. The key trait of this approach is the lack of time and dedication.

Pro writing is all about analysis. Writers find a lot of sources, go through them and then select only the best of the best. What is more, they don’t select only the sources they like or the sources that prove their main point, but also some credible and decent sources that argue against the thesis of their writings. Why? Because there are always two sides to an argument. One may choose to ignore the other side or actually try to address it. The key trait of this approach is the need to dedicate far more time and dedication but the results are so much better in this case that I have to tell you: just do it!

Got a Question?

Q: Any interesting facts about the recent registration campaign?

A: First of all, we are very honored to have received so many applications from truly brilliant candidates.

We wanted to give each candidate enough time for consideration, so ended up spending several weeks to process all the applications. In the end, it turned out that the ratio of applied to hired was 11:1. Once again, we thank all the applicants and welcome those who had their applications declined to reapply in 3 months by simply logging in to their profiles. Good luck in 3 months!