Meet the Champ!

At least one hundred orders written, not a single late, less than 5% below performance marks… What do you call that? Magic? No, a Golden Pen performance!

To a stranger, our goals may seem impossible to achieve. 100 orders delivered in time? Barely any below performance marks? How is that possible? This is unreal! they point out. However, to our writers, and we say it proudly, nothing is impossible and nothing is unreal. Need proof? Here is the list of the Golden Pen laureates of the Fall 2021 season:

Golden Pen Laureates

Seline 427735 Dalyne 330839 Josephat 355287 Paul 315595
Susan 409542 Douglas 323181 James 346133 Joseph 312683
Joaquin 397607 Rose 313887 David 342967 Francis 305471
Brian 388691 Yuriy 173345 Stephen 331247 Yvonne 266621
Janhvi 378257 Jessica 50311 Joan 321093 Trevis 179419
Rose 374215 Frankline 402531 Evarline 316187 Edith 23942
Samuel 339363 Japhet 376705 Oleksii 240219 Catherine 316407
Susan 286333 Alex 428730 Virginia 256033

Now, the victor of the season, the best of the best is Josephat (355287). He completed the most orders of the golden pen laureates. Let’s find out more about him!

How would you describe yourself?
I am a go-getter person who is driven by new challenges.
Do you remember the first day you started writing? How was it?
I began writing back in October 2018 when my friend introduced me to academic writing. My friend had a group account with uvo, and I joined his team. He coached me, and when I applied in 2019, I was accepted. I joined the editing program, which nurtured my skills but not to the level required. This situation forced me to join the mentoring program that elevated my account to the university level.
What do you think led to your success this time? How to become a top writer?
First of all, teamwork and supervision led to this success. My supervisor Dionis offered incredible advice on how to achieve high productivity while maintaining high quality. He checked my team's work every 2 weeks, which motivated me. I also thanked the QA team, who checked my quality every month. They enabled my team to focus on quality since we knew any slight mistake would lead to demotion. Last, I thank my team of writers who have been dedicated to meeting the strict uvo-quality level.

A CLARIFICATION: At UVOCORP.COM, you may work as an individual freelancer. You may also choose to build your own team of writers (they are called “groups”, “group accounts”). The best teams of writers are coached by the Freelance Groups Supervisor (Dionis). The best of the best teams of writers are promoted to Freelance Offices (essentially, a team of writers with an unlimited supply of orders but very strict quality requirements). If you want to find out more about that, please contact the Writers Department via messages.

How do you manage to avoid revisions and meet customer's expectations?
This is so easy. You may be surprised why I say this. First, take orders that your team can handle only and avoid overloading yourself. With teamwork and attention to clients’ instructions, I managed to reduce below expectations and decrease revisions with instruction not followed. My team members hate revisions because revisions make us not deliver other papers and enjoy our free time. In this regard, my group members want to complete papers in the first attempt to avoid the revisions by meeting all requirements.
How would you cheer up a writer who keeps failing at writing, but has the zeal to nail it?
Newbies often find it difficult to meet customer’s requirements because of different disciplines. Therefore, I often encourage them to handle only disciplines that they are proficient in and avoid taking papers for the sake of making money. Our main focus is for customers to come back and award us more orders. This approach has enabled my team to get orders even during low seasons, which has become the source of my motivation. I encourage the writers they work towards meeting customers’ expectations to get more money and orders.

We thank Josephat for his truly coaching-like answers. He went through a lot to get to where he is now, starting from having nothing and progressing to becoming the victor of the season. Dear Team, we wish you to find inspiration in this story and unleash your potential to achieve your goals, just like Josephat did with his!

Keep calm and stay motivated

Let’s keep the good motivational vibe going with some more stories of success.

Back in the spring of 2021, we launched an absolutely massive registration campaign. We received so many applications that the final ratio of applied to approved ended up at 11 to 1. Now, ask any of the approved writers, and they will tell you that the journey was no walk in the park. Every approved writer had to meet ambitious goals. It was also very difficult for them to get orders. Nonetheless, 39% of those writers still work to this day!

We’ve decided to talk to those of them, who managed to achieve the most prominent results (all of them have the Expert academic level, formerly known as University academic level). If they could do that, you can too! Please welcome some interesting facts and insights from the best of the best new writers (text briefs are compiled from their answers to a series of our questions):

Patricia (423677)

Patricia (423677)

I tried UVOCORP after several attempts with other companies. It was the best decision made in my freelancing career. Working with UVOCORP has been an exciting and challenging learning experience.

The success of a freelancer is often determined by the writer’s passion for the writing career. Having been at UVOCORP for the better part of 2021, I can attest that success needs dedication from the writer. Quality work, time-observation, attention to detail, and constant communication with the clients to seek clarification or update them on the progress of the work are key factors that determine success at UVOCORP. To make a client happy at UVOCORP, the writer MUST address each order precisely and specifically as required. Have constant communication with the client, paying attention to their needs, and delivering quality.

Tabitha (425167)

Tabitha (425167)

I have always had a passion for writing. When I heard people on Facebook describing Uvocorp as the most professional writing company around, I decided to apply and work among the best. It has been one of the best decisions I have made because I have developed into a professional writer over the past year.

In order to be successful at Uvocorp, plan and utilize your time well. Read and follow instructions carefully. Challenge yourself to learn new things and disciplines regularly.

I believe all clients are different. However, most of them want writers to follow instructions and deliver the paper as early as possible. After you upload the final paper, let customers know that they can ask you any questions or seek clarifications at any time.

Emmah (424231)

Emmah (424231)

Due to its outstanding reputation, I chose to work with UVOCORP back in the Spring of 2021.I have had the best experience working as a writer under UVOCORP. I must admit that my writing skills have greatly improved for the past nine months of being part of the UVO family.

Uvocorp provides essential tools that make one a successful writer. They provide a writing guide highlighting crucial aspects of writing quality academic papers. Also, joining the mentoring program helps writers maximize their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Clients are happy when writers deliver quality papers to them. It is important to seek clarification whenever the client’s instructions are unclear. Asking for all necessary details before working on the paper minimizes revisions from the customer’s side. Providing timely responses and making necessary adjustments encourages clients to return for more services in the future. The goal should always be to consistently offer clients quality work (with zero plagiarism and no grammar mistakes).

Seline (427735)

Seline (427735)

I decided to give Uvocorp a try after being referred by a friend to experience the learning process to build my skills, receive proper remuneration, and enjoy working with the Support Team. I have had a wonderful experience at the company, full of learning on proper writing and formatting.

Success at UVO lies in quality writing by following instructions, timely submission, and proper coordination with both the client and the Support Team.

Maintaining communication during the writing process, meeting the deadline, and undertaking in-depth research that follows the requirements will make your clients happy.

Michael Approves


You've probably noticed how this issue is about life hacks to become a better writer. Nearly every featured writer in this issue mentioned the need to communicate well with the customer. But that's the theory. How about some practice? Let's take a look at order 433897957 completed by Viona (373603).

Viona (373603)

The order was a 5-pager with 1 slide. It was of Graduate level and had the advanced category selected. The client has uploaded their draft and rather vague instructions.

Here is what Viona did:

  • She scanned the files and the instructions and then sent a clarification message to the customer because the instructions were vague.
  • In the message, she politely listed what she understood from the instructions via a numbered list, so basically an intro + numbered list with her understanding of the instructions and questions + a question in the end "Am I right?" as a call to action
  • The customer was silent for around 2 hours. Since it was the evening at the customer's place, Viona asked the support team to contact the customer. In essence, she didn't want to miss the chance to clarify everything before the customer went to bed.
  • The support team could not call the customer (no number provided), so they set the order on hold. Later on, the customer went back online and answered the message.
  • Viona then sent a message to the customer, mentioning that she would like to keep the customer informed about this order. She provided the customer with the outline of the order (a list of what she plans to cover, a short briefing). Viona waited for some time for the customer to make amendments (none were requested) and proceeded with the order.
  • In the end, the customer set "above expectations mark" and mentioned via comments that they would like to keep working with Viona in their consecutive orders.

In essence, Viona did an excellent job in terms of paper quality, but she also communicated with the customer well, earning herself a returning client. That's the best strategy to keep yourself with orders all year round :)

Around the UVOworld

This time around we would like to try something new with this rubric. Instead of cities, we are going in for writers :) Without further ado, please meet some of our writers who gladly send us their photos :)

Got a Question?

Q: My friend told me that we now have new names for quality control levels. Could you please expand on that?

A: Thank you for the beautiful question! Yes, instead of old names, we now have new names. In essence, High School is now “Junior”, Undergrad. (yrs. 1-2) is now “Middle”, Undergrad. (yrs. 3-4) is now “Expert”, Graduate and Ph.D. are now “Pro”.

Why the change? We would like to gradually improve our quality control system, and rebranding, renaming is the first step. We want level names to speak of skills and not sound like order levels. Besides, the term “Junior” better describes how we perceive a person on that particular level. The term “High School” was misleading in this regard, creating a false impression that we are ready to work with High School writers, which we were not.