Meet the Champ!

Over the years, UVOCORP has become a trademark for quality work. Ask your friend, and they will tell you that UVO is all about quality.

Having quality at the heart of our company means that we place those who dedicate themselves to it in the spotlight. Please welcome the best performers of the Spring season who won the Golden Pen award:

Golden Pen Laureates

Daniel 312559 Kevin 19751 Philip 313595 Japhet 376705
Samson 3411 Lawrence 183103 Susan 286333 Janhvi 378257
Nicholas 311335 Livingstone 419301 Stephen 428143 Joan 321093
Jesse 3479 Abel 429592 James 346133 Bruce 291632
Linus 397933 Alex 428730 Yvonne 266621 Amos 227771
Victor 298213 Brenda 11390 Joaquin 397607 Chelule 284525
Jacqueline 312237 Moreen 410170 Mitchelle 405403 Victor 387653
James 400333 Anne 382441 Samuel 339363 Catherine 316407
Rose 313887 Benard 423295 David 342967 Stephen 331247
Emmanuel 321181

Formal requirements to win the Golden Pen:
100+ (or 50+ if your all pages/all orders rate is 6+) orders completed, 0 lates, <=5% below expectations marks over Feb-Apr

Traditionally, we take an interview with the best of the best, the “victor of the season”. This time it is Alex 428730.

How would you describe yourself?
This is a difficult question, but I would describe myself as energetic, determined, introverted, and, I almost forgot, risk-taking. I enjoy exploring all possible scenarios and am a firm believer that limitations exist only in mind.
Do you remember the first day you started writing? How was it?
Yes, I began writing in 2020 under the guidance of a mentor. Since I had little experience with writing, it was initially difficult because my mentor would almost completely revise the entire paper. However, as time progressed, I embraced the feedback and honed my skills, achieving an expert level.
What do you think led to your success this time? How to become a top writer?
I believe that my time management skills ensured that I was never late; my attention to detail ensured that all instructions were followed, and Dionis, our supervisor, was instrumental in my success. Dionis instructed me on how to work diligently and frequently provided me with feedback on my areas of weakness, which enabled me to correct my errors.

A CLARIFICATION: At UVOCORP.COM, you may work as an individual freelancer. You may also choose to build your own team of writers (they are called “groups”, “group accounts”). The best teams of writers are coached by the Freelance Groups Supervisor (Dionis). The best of the best teams of writers are promoted to Freelance Offices (essentially, a team of writers with an unlimited supply of orders but very strict quality requirements). If you want to find out more about that, please contact the Writers Department via messages.

How do you manage to avoid revisions and meet customers’ expectations?
First, I always ensure that the instructions are clear, contact the client in the event of conflicting instructions, adhere to the instructions, deliver papers by the deadline, and request any course materials I need. In addition, I always contact the customer after receiving an order to provide updates on the paper.
How would you cheer up a writer who keeps failing at writing, but has the zeal to nail it?
Patience, perseverance, and labor always pay off. I would advise them to take criticism in a constructive manner, learn from the best, practice more, and never give up. Rome was not built in a day, so they will gradually attain professional writer status. Lastly, since failure is always a component of success, one should avoid such diversions and concentrate on the primary objective.

Thank you, Alex! We wish you and everyone else working with UVOCORP to make it to the golden list of the Fall season!

Keep Calm and Stay Motivated

Alex’s story is very motivating, and we have more stories like that coming!

Last Spring, we held a super-competitive free registration for everyone willing to work with UVOCORP. This time the entry test was as hard as ever. In fact, the competition remained insane, with only 1 in 10 applicants making it to the list of approved candidates. That was something!

Today we would like to talk to those who not only made it in Spring but who also managed to get promoted to the Expert A level since starting to write! That is also a success story!

Priscillah (429842)

Priscillah (429842)

Why Uvocorp?

A friend recommended Uvocorp due to its exceptional reputation, and I decided to give it a try. Ever since I joined the company, I have had an exciting and rewarding experience. Uvocorp offers diverse projects that one can work on and advance their skills. The company also offers competitive remuneration and opportunities to earn more by delivering high-quality work.

How to succeed at Uvocorp and get promoted to the Expert A level?

Succeeding at Uvocorp requires one to follow all order instructions, upload orders on time, provide high-quality and plagiarism-free papers, and cite reputable sources properly. Before tackling an order, one should review all instructions thoroughly and seek clarification from the client where necessary. Conducting in-depth research is further vital to composing well-structured papers that analyze issues in detail and utilize reputable sources. Additionally, one should proofread their work to eliminate stylistic and grammar errors. Avoiding lateness is also key to success. Timely order deliveries and expeditious responses to clients’ messages improve satisfaction ratings among customers.

Uvocorp is also dedicated to facilitating the success of its writers. The company provides a detailed writing guide that is extremely useful. The Support team is also responsive and always willing to assist. Therefore, getting a promotion to the Expert level is achievable if one works hard and fulfills the desired objectives.

Sila (429720)

Sila (429720)

Why Uvocorp?

Uvocorp is the only freelancing platform that pays its beginning writers up to $15 per page. This means that UVO values your input. For the past two months I have been writing in UVO, I have been able to improve and grow my writing skills and, above all, have been exposed to interesting projects.

How to succeed at Uvocorp and get promoted to the Expert A level?

Succeeding at Uvocorp requires commitment and a high level of cooperation. Your customers are your boss, and you must ensure they get the best. Giving your customers the best means completing their orders on time, responding to their concerns, and going above and beyond to ensure that you deliver high-quality work consistently.

Also, your productivity matters. In my first month, I only completed slightly over ten orders. In the second month, after learning the ropes, I completed 30 orders. You only get promoted if you practice a lot, but without compromising the quality of your work, and guess what, the support department will always be there to guide you and clarify any of the issues so that you deliver.

TIP: To ensure that you always deliver quality work, only take orders that match your proficiency on the subject matter. While it is tempting to work on orders just because they are available, it is good practice to tame your appetite for orders you are unsure whether you will meet all the requirements.

A CLARIFICATION: At UVOCORP.COM, there are various orders available, and writers earn more as they improve their quality of work. For instance, fresh newcomers get paid $5 or $7.50 per page for all orders. Writers like Sila, who got promoted to the Expert level, get paid $5-$14 per page for regular orders. Sila happens to be an advanced writer, so he sees advanced orders from time to time, and those pay an additional 48% to the usual price. Once Sila gets promoted to the Pro level, he will be able to see top-10 orders that come with a whooping premium of 77% to the cost per page. Therefore, it pays to work with UVO, and it pays to care about quality.

Michael Approves


Over recent months, our specialists monitored writers’ performance as closely as ever, which resulted in many writers being sent to the Mentoring Program. I asked Mia, the supervisor of the Mentoring Program, to tell us how to graduate from the program quickly and successfully. Here is what she had to say:

First things first: the MP is not the end of the road. To put it simply, it is the start of your reboot as a professional. I noticed that writers who treat it that way are more likely to graduate. It is only natural that people get depressed when they get sent to the Mentoring Program due to poor performance, but, hey, we all make mistakes, it is no big deal to end up in the program. Instead of resisting it, tormenting yourself with negative thoughts, just focus on what matters most: quick and steady improvement.

Secondly, provided you give yourself enough time to study the material, as well as your mentor’s feedback, it won’t take you long to pass the program. The most attentive and dedicated mentees won’t need more than 2 months to do that. Remember that we now have a definite curriculum and criteria to meet in each order, so if you are attentive - it is much easier than before.

Thirdly, in my experience, a successful mentee always communicates with our customers to either confirm or keek for more instructions, if applicable. Such mentees always seek advice from their mentor and double-check the modules twice before starting to write a paper, just to make sure they follow all the criteria. You should never be in a rush or preoccupied with the bids. Instead, you should be concerned with digesting the modules and following the instructions.

To sum up, the correct focus, efficient communication, enough time for studies, and attention to the requirements will make you a top-notch mentee who graduates from the Mentoring Program in no time!

Around the UVOworld

Kenya has a special place in our heart. You know what has a special place in Kenya’s heart? Kisumu! It is the third largest city, located on the lake Victoria. The city is simply amazing and is very dynamic!

We asked our Kisumu writer Kelvin 424535 about his beautiful city several questions:

Let’s imagine that a friend comes over to you. Where would you go? What streets or parks? What would you see there?

Kisumu has an appealing landscape, backed by scenic streets or parks. For example, the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is definitely an exquisite place to visit. Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, this national park gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy time experiencing the beauty of wild animals such as cheetahs, antelopes, giraffes, and other species. The Kisumu Museum is another remarkable place that attracts visitors with the gallery where you can experience the cultural history of Kisumu.

The Oginga Odinga street extends throughout the Kisumu CBD and hosts a number of fancy restaurants. For example, the City Food Court is a prime example of what an elaborate cafeteria looks like. It offers a wide assortment of dishes, ranging from local dishes, fast-food, and beverage drinks.

What is Lake Victoria like? Is it beautiful? Can you take a boat tour? Do locals do that?

Lake Victoria gives Kisumu a unique name and contributes to its prestige as a city. You get to view its beauty when approaching the city from Siaya (a county in Kenya), probably driving your car down the hill. Its most beautiful feature is watching the lake’s horizon as the sun sets in the evening. This water body is a national attraction site that draws millions of visitors from different places to observe its natural beauty. Moreover, boat riding is possible at various points in Lake Victoria, such as Hippo Point, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, and Dunga Hill Camp. Despite its magnificence, Lake Victoria is adversely affected by water hyacinth.

Are there any big festivals or holiday celebrations in the city? When should one visit if yes?

Ramogi Night is a famous local festival, specially for the Luo community in Kenya. This famous local festival is normally celebrated in different cities, and Kisumu is included. In particular, Ramogi Night is simply a platform where the Luo community showcases its cultural heritage that involves local dishes, local music, and other cultural aspects.

Are there any famous local dishes or drinks? What should one try to eat in Kisumu?

Tilapia is regarded as a symbolic dish for the Luo community. It is mostly served as grilled or smoked. Omena (sardines) is also among the most common symbolic dish of this community. Other examples include local vegetables such as kamongo (marbled lungfish), alot boo (cowpeas leaves), aliya (smoked beef), mor alenya (ghee), obwolo (mushroom), susa (pumpkin leaves), and osuga (black night shade).

Are there any famous local songs or movies or anything like that?

The Luo community of Kisumu has a number of rich local songs. For example, Isanda Gi Hera by Tony Nyadundo, Mapenzi Kizunguzungu by Tony Nyadundo, Hera Remo by Musa Jakadalla, and Chwade Gi Nyundo by Odongo Swag.

Dear Kelvin, thank you for taking your time to answer our questions! We hope that many writers will come visit your city!

This time we also decided to share some interesting youtube videos about Kisumu with you to supplement the story:

A General overview of the city:

An in-depth look at the streets and whereabouts (with some atmospheric music!):

Got a Question?

Q: What to expect from the next high season?

A: The next high season is going to officially start on the 1st of September. We expect to see a lot of orders available by mid-October, with late September and early October being warm-up periods

Here is an approximate number of orders to expect:

Sep Oct Nov
PRO writers 12-16 14-16 14-18
EXPERT writers 10-14 12-14 12-16
MIDDLE writers 6-10 8-12 10-14

In order to get the most orders possible, please:

  • Login when it is nighttime over by the US
  • Bid on all orders you are capable of completing
    • Understand that not all bids will be assigned, it is important not to go hard on yourself due to that
  • Be attentive to deadlines and order instructions to win returning customers

Wishing you many orders this season!