Meet the Champ!

Traditionally, we would like to acknowledge the hard work of the best of the best writers!

Please, welcome our Golden Pen Laureates, who managed to complete at least 100 orders (in total) during the last season without a single dispute or lateness case but with an average Customer Mark of 9.00 and higher:

Golden Pen Laureates

Mercy 331363 Teddy 312569 Stephen 5143
Japheth 330799 Danica 110155 Boniface 309985
Patrick 15162 Jane 28792 Purity 268015
Justus 330325 Owen 326757 Julianne 256369
Mercy 332819 Beatrice 271883 Jessica 50311
Uzair 229034 Janet 290036 Godfrey 300001
Esther 300003 Amos 227771 Сolin 289987
William 327679 Branden 330463

Those of you who viewed the ceremony might remember the winner’s name. And guess what? We’ve managed to get an interview with him!

Please, meet the Spring 2018 High Season Winner - Uzair (229034).

Who is Mr. Uzair? How would you describe yourself?
As a man in the literary industry, I always find it hard to describe myself in words. Personality and ethics are defined by one’s actions, not words. However, since there is a slim chance of my readers and I to meet, I shall do the best I can. Born into an agricultural family in a developing nation, I had always been under the impression that the journey to success may be a long and tiring one. After completing my formal education in a pristine institution, I strived hard in the banking industry only to learn that some glass ceilings may never be penetrated for a man of limited means. My adaptability skills and knowledge motivated me to move on and expand my horizons. UVOCORP has been one of the steps I took in that direction and so far, it has been a rather rewarding experience.
What do you think led to your success this time? How to become a top writer?
Maintaining a healthy balance between my work and personal life has been a major contributor to achieving this title. After devoting substantial time to my workstation, it is equally vital for me to take breaks and reboot. It not only helps to gain some perspective in my life and focus better but gives time to plan something exciting that I can reward myself with once I reach my desired goals at writing. This year I have finally managed to establish a healthy routine, and that has paid off immensely.
Most writers experience the state of burning out. How do you refresh your mind or rest to avoid that?
I don’t usually burn out because I thoroughly enjoy writing and can’t resist the challenge of seeing just how many assignments I can tackle in a single sitting. However, I also enjoy spending time with my close friends and family. Working with UVOcorp allows me to relax at my own disposal, and all I need to feel rejuvenated is taking a mere Pizza/Netflix break with my family and friends any time of the day.
How did you learn to write on topics you were not proficient initially? Is there any trick in making yourself write so much and so good?
I have always wanted to be in a profession that allowed me to explore different fields and industries without having to hop around too much from job to job. Exploring new topics and opening unknown doors is a weakness of mine, and I am glad to have found an outlet that pays me to explore and research on diverse subjects extensively.

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Hi, guys!

With the tight schedules of our daily activities we often forget about relaxation. Of course, one needs to work to make ends meet. However, the bigger truth is: there is no work more valuable than sleep. You need to take a rest once in a while, and here is why.

It’s sad and funny that after years of work, you just can't rest no matter how hard you try. I was really surprised when I discovered that in myself. I mean I couldn’t relax during the day, couldn’t stop even for a second. And of course, falling asleep turned into a nightmare, because personally for me, it started taking about four hours to drift into oblivion. I heard about people having problems with their sleep, failing to stop thinking... but why me? Surprise!

One technique was my savior. To cut it short:

  1. Stop fighting with the running thoughts. You cannot force the mind to calm down. What you can do though is to literally let the mind do its business while you do yours.
  2. Find a special spot in your body. It sounds a bit weird, but it is not hard. The spot is behind your solar plexus; somewhere where you feel “yourself” when you are about to fall asleep. It is like sinking through yourself towards that place. At this point, you may feel the thoughts no longer bother you, because you are not feeding the brain with energy anymore.
  3. Do the same exercise at least once during the daytime. It is very helpful to do something like that somewhere between 2pm and 5pm. Then it is much easier to cope with the mind activity during your conscious time since it disciplines the brain and prepares it for the nighttime sleep. You literally teach your brain to shut up, and you learn to rest.

In the end, what matters is how much you enjoy your life. One cannot have a meaningful and fulfilling life without a proper, solid, childlike sleep.

Around the UVOworld

The sun, the sky, and the animals are simply amazing here! Africa is gorgeous in its beauty, and its nature has few rivals around the globe. These are the thoughts you are likely to get during a safari in Africa. Sounds interesting? Follow my lead!

  • Read a lot of books and articles, boost your skills, and get a high rating and many return customers. Receive and complete a lot of orders. Save money. Make sure your friends do the same.
  • Now with money securely in your pockets, plan your vacation in advance, book flights and hotels (to save money!). Visit your doctor to get the necessary vaccines.
  • Dream of Africa and its sunny plains. Dream of beautiful elephants and lions, zebras and antelopes.
  • Buy a new camera. Seriously, you are going to need it. There is nothing more disappointing than a blurred photo of a lion in the bushes.
  • Arrive in Africa and go on a one of a kind safari trip with your friends, a trip to remember for a lifetime!
  • See lions, elephants, zebras, and antelopes roaming in the wild. Realize they are 100 times cooler than in your dreams.
  • Take pictures and videos, lots of pictures and videos, cause your friends at home (the ones who didn’t read a lot of books and articles and didn’t boost their skills) still need to see that beauty.
  • Arrive home safely. Dream of Africa and its sunny plains. Dream of beautiful elephants and lions, zebras, and antelopes.
  • Disclaimer: safari is no longer a luxurious trip available only to the top 1%. It is something you can afford, given hard work and prudent attitude towards money. The actual safari tour (Kenya as an example) may cost you as little as USD 400 per person (for a 3 day tour). Now, the trick is to book everything in advance, since the flight and the hotel will definitely cost more than that. However, it is still possible to afford a safari trip =)

    Got a Question?

    Q: It’s a low season. How are you planning to provide us with work?

    A: This low season we are setting a limit on the number of orders that writers can auto-take each day. Here is how it works. Say, your rating is below 74%. With this rating, you can auto-take available orders (if any) if you have not more than 1 order in progress. Moreover, you can auto-take only 3 orders each day (we leave some space for free and reasonable reassigns).

    We also plan to double-check all suspicious accounts and close the sold ones. This way honest writers will get more orders.

    Lastly, we announce a new competition! By 15 September 2018, send us your best summer photo, the one with positive emotions and lots of fun in it. The best pictures would earn their authors some valuable prizes ;)