Meet the Champ!

They say it pays to work smart. Well, it does! Just take a look at our golden pen laureats. On top of their super performance, they get the super bonus this time. Great job, guys!

All of golden pen laureats boast at least 100 orders completed this season without a single late or dispute:

Golden Pen Laureates

Samson 309977 Christine 10825 Kelvin 395683
Felix Oira 414675 Samson 3411 Eric 277529
Gabriel 325567 Stephen 367607 Justus 330325
Michael 345899 Josephat 355287 Samuel 310983
Eunice 399653 Ogollah 377619 Stephen 369991
Bisare 315219 Jonathan 279161 James 256141
James 346133 Philip 313595 George 303795
Nixon 319589 Amos 227771 Linus 397933
Jesse 3479 Simon 270911 Colin 289987
Sharon 333937 Meshack 321427 Simon 329955
Frankline 402531 Anne 382441 Brenda 11390
Uzair 229034 Fredrick 2843 Stephen 330293
Warda 289150 Oleksii 240219 Fancy 396593
Benedict 301281 Ann 357791 Japhet 376705
Chelule 284525 Chrispine 5543

We would like to thank all writers for doing their best this season. It is great to see that you cherish your reputation and provide high quality service. Let’s keep it up!

As part of our tradition, we announce the best of the best, the victor of the season. This time it is Samson (309977). Thank you very much for setting a new high bar for the rest to challenge!

Let’s find out a bit more about the champion via this Q and A session:

How would you describe yourself?
I am a Christian, a strong choleric, self-motivated, and a go-getter.
Do you remember the first day you started writing? How was it?
I remember so well. It was back in 2014. I had been accustomed to writing poems, so a friend asked me to paraphrase a document. It was tough. I have never finished it to date :)
What do you think led to your success this time? How to become a top writer?
Persistence, discipline, hard work. All those coupled with consistency. I would advise anyone to be the best they can, anytime. Worth noting, greed and quality rarely go together. Bite what you can comfortably chew.
Most writers experience the state of burning out. How do you refresh your mind or rest to avoid that?
Well, taking a break is good for the soul, engaging friends, gaming. I take a walk, or watch a movie.
Who has impressed you the most with what they’ve accomplished?
Barack Obama is my all time inspiration. The man rose from anonymity to prominence against all odds conceivable. Also, he is a reader, and a writer.
What are you looking forward to the most in the next 10 years?
I have always dreamt of giving back to the society. I thus envision a future where I would make the world a better place- whether in lack or plenty.
Are there any pieces of advice you would like to give the rest of the writers?
Anyone can achieve their goals, if they are willing and determined.

Wishing you all the best, dear Samson!

Michael Approves


The one thing to avoid, unless you want people who care about such things to give you a look composed of, consisting of and comprising mingled pity and contempt, is “comprised of” (The style guide for the British newspapers The Guardian and The Observer.)

At least 20 times a day we find comprise of in the orders we check. And, although, you may find “comprise of” in some old sources, mostly archaic sources, you should know: THERE IS NO Comprise Of! There is only Comprise.

Let’s look at the example to make it clear:

Wrong: “This memo comprises of words and sentences”

Correct!: “This memo comprises words and sentences”

Please, save the quality assurance team from stumbling upon this mistake again :)

Keep calm and stay motivated

This time we would like to share a story of our writer with you. Alex (240219) gives his two cents on the current situation:


It has been almost 3 years since I started working solely as a freelancer and more than 11 since I have been combining some kind of remote work with the regular employment. In the light of the ongoing pandemic and sheer procrastination before my next deadline, I thought I’d share my thoughts, experiences, and approaches during these uneasy times.

To start off, I work primarily in freelance writing focusing on Finance and Accounting, combining it with copywriting, editing, and modelling (financial, not the glamour podium one in Milan). Writing itself is quite a tedious task that requires a fair degree of concentration and effort. Add to that a comfort of your own home, constant distractions in the form of social media and internet, as well as a natural human laziness, you have a supposedly insurmountable challenge. So, what does one need to do to overcome these constantly reappearing obstacles? The answer comes from within: it’s all about time management and discipline, baby. It is crucial to have a clear picture in your head with the timetable of tasks, their urgency, and time necessary for their completion.

The next step is to develop a completion or an action plan and actually follow it. This is where I usually fall flat on my face. I mean, it is so tempting to read another article, watch another video, or make another post (like this one ha-ha) instead of actually concentrating on your job. I have gotten better at it after years by consciously setting aside only a small amount of time for “screwing around”, allocating dedicated time for the actual work. For example, I know that I need to have a cup of coffee in the morning and it takes about 20 minutes to make it and drink it, so I let myself catch up on the news and/or watch videos during this time.

Another thing that you realize during your freelance/remote work is that there is no one to tell you when to stop working. Some of us are workaholics that like to pull the all-nighters for finishing the project. However, this is a very shortsighted approach, and, unless you want to feel like a drained sponge the next day or two, sleeping regimen is by far the most important part of your routine. Make sure you get some sleep between 10pm and 2am (22-00 – 02-00), because it is the part of the sleep cycle that is the most efficient one for your rest.

Let’s see, we have covered time management and sleep, so the one last thing to keep in mind is diet. Having struggled with weight issues (still working on it), to have a fridge full of goodies in your home office is a torture and a constant source of temptation. Make sure you don’t visit it more often than necessary, in fact, the common breakfast-lunch-dinner routine seems to be the most efficient one.

As most of you stay home forcibly because of the quarantine and coronavirus (COVID-19), please remember that we are all in this together. Maybe, set some time aside to check on your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Thank God, the current technology allows doing it remotely. I hope you all stay safe and well. Sending waves of love and affection, as usual. Alex out.

Got a Question?

Q: So, what is the strategy?

A: Our strategy is simple:

  1. Make sure that those who work better in terms of quality get more orders than those who are not as good
  2. Provide those who are not as good with real instruments to become better (UVOACADEMY, Mentoring Program)
  3. To keep writers up-to date with our plans via news and other updates

Quality work is something that will get us through the hard times.