Meet the Champ!

It takes discipline, skill, and perhaps a little bit of luck to win the Golden Pen award.

Our heroes managed to complete at least 100 orders this season without a single late order delivery or dispute. More so, their average customer mark turned out higher than 9.0! A round of applause for our heroes, please:

Golden Pen award

Gilbert 1682 Uzair 229034 Maria 307641
Samson 3411 Jane 231961 Samuel 310983
Jesse 3479 Oleksii 240219 Philip 313595
Sandeep 3559 Philip 269517 Hannah 314865
Chrispine 5543 Sharon 283747 Allan 316737
Helda 13902 Eric 284065 Joseph 321073
Daniel 40147 Hashim 288618 Karen 322227
Jessica 50311 Colin 289987 Victoria 329085
Edith Sihanya 175195 Bruce 291632 Justus 330325
Ihor 175983 Yasir 292648 Constant 331223

Let’s also name the Winner of the Season. This time, Jessica (50311) is the best of the best!

Awesome job ;)

Michael Approves


Hi, guys!

I bet many of you have noticed a new service in our company - a smart order. While we have made a guide and a template example for you, it seems only reasonable to shed a bit of light on how to excel at such orders.

Basically, this kind of order is all about knowledge sharing. You are an expert, and you show the client how to write a paper by commenting on what was written. Here is the deal: some of you end up commenting on all sorts of minor things, but there’s no need to explain self-obvious issues (like “The title page contains basic information about the author”, “The heading is essential in uncovering this topic”, “The format of the order is MLA”). Be moderate. The trick is that each comment has to come with value. You need to highlight why a certain point is important to prove the thesis statement, why you decided to provide this or that citation to support your argument, and so on.

On top of that, you need to have your comments connected with each other where necessary. In other words, they too, just like the text itself, tell a story. If you prove a certain point throughout the paper, make sure you highlight that. You know, if the general picture is created out of several arguments, be sure to let the reader know the general plan.

Lastly, be sure to properly adjust your comments to the type of writing in question. Do not go with a copy-paste approach and be wise about what and where you comment on. Each type of writing comes with key aspects, so highlight them. This piece of advice kind of goes hand in hand with the first one.

Keep calm and stay motivated

You must have also noticed already that we have a new kind of deadline now. 3.5-hr orders offer premium compensation but come across as a true challenge for real professionals. So, how do you actually complete such orders? We have a number of remedies:

  1. Get yourself prepared: take orders in disciplines and topics you already know well. Be sure to save some sources beforehand so that you don’t spend half the deadline looking for information.
  2. Write an outline of the paper and allocate enough time for each part but leave something in reserve for proofreading and emergencies.
  3. Try to isolate yourself from all distractions as much as possible: put your phone on silent, close all the irrelevant tabs, and focus on the job. If you work in a loud environment, put on headphones with some music.
  4. Allow yourself 1-2 short breaks of 5-10 minutes each to get some rest and avoid making silly mistakes.
  5. Last but not least, do not jump from one order to another: do the task and then move on to another one.

If you follow these recommendations, the world of urgent orders will become a tasty piece of cake for you.

Good luck!

Around the UVOworld

Imagine a big city with warm weather all year round. A large yet comfy area where you can move around on your bicycle a lot. A cultural hub with diverse architecture. Add to that a sizeable community of UVO writers, and you will get Bogota, Colombia!

Bogota is great in many ways. It is high up in the mountains yet built on a plain. A plain in the mountains... Sounds like a fairy tale. There is so much to explore in this wonderful place! We welcome you to take a look at the city:

Meet the Team!

Let’s keep on getting to know each other better by taking a look at the interview with mentor Kath. Among many awesome quotes, we like this one the most:

My grandpa told me once, “I’ve gotten every dream I’ve ever had and worked for. My only regret is not dreaming bigger.

Don’t miss out on a chance to learn our uvoworld better!

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Got a Question?

Q: Houston, we have a problem: unclear order instructions. What should we do?

A: According to our statistics, the more time an order ‘hangs’ in the Available orders section and nobody confirms it, the more likely there are some problems with instructions. Besides, we know that sometimes customers might underestimate the number of pages required in an order, forget to provide the necessary files/information, or indicate a wrong college level. It could be quite confusing for you as a writer and may lead to revisions. So what should you do in such cases?

We encourage you to report problems with paper details/instructions right in the Available section of the writer's page.

The “Report Instructions Problem” dialog box will ask you to select one of the following reasons:

  • Unclear/Incomplete instructions
  • Missing or corrupt file(s), sources
  • Higher college level/More pages needed
  • Wrong discipline selected
  • Non-available service

The same dialog box is available to you during the reassignment procedure, when you can report problems with order details in more detail:

  • Unclear/Incomplete instructions
  • Missing or corrupt file(s), sources
  • Higher college level/More pages needed
  • Wrong discipline selected
  • Non-available service
  • I can't find sources/required soft online
  • I'm not available to work on this order/it’s too complex for me

In light of the above, if you come across an order that falls under our Social Responsibility Policy or is an online assignment/ multiple choice test/ any kind of drawing/ audio recording/ coding task, please, do not apply for/complete such an order. Instead, please, report the instructions problems with the reason “Non-available service”.

Mind that the first five reassignment reasons (all the above except for “I can't find sources/required soft online” and “I'm not available to work on this order/it’s too complex for me”) will put the order on "hold" status, which creates additional work for the Support Team and prevents other writers from taking it.

So please, make sure you choose the most appropriate reason each time you reassign an order and report instructions problems only if there is a specific issue that won’t let other writers work on it after your reassignment.