10 tips for copywriter for every day

10 tips for copywriter for every day

A long time ago when I thought about writers, I thought of a lot of men in white shirts and ties pounding on typewriters in a smoke-filled room. They always looked worn out, tired, and pathetically pale. Not a very appealing image. Thanks to the Internet and personal computers, that image of writers has changed. Today’s copywriters make money writing in the comfort of their own home, or even on vacation if they so choose. This doesn’t mean, however, that copywriting isn’t work. There are things that a good writer must do every day to ensure that they will continue to enjoy success. A professional writer is paid to write; they are dependent on customers to survive. If a customer is satisfied, not only will they return with more business, they will also tell others about the service and the business can grow. These simple tips can help any professional writer to stay on the top of their game, write their best, and have a successful career.

Tip # 1:

Do research. When you receive an order, especially if it is a new customer, take the time to find out about their business or company. Your article will be their contact with their consumer base. Even if you have completed work for this customer before, take the time to find out what is new and exciting.

Tip #2:

Be accurate. A copywriter’s job is to generate customers for a business. Customers will not continue to use a service or buy a product if statements made in advertising prove false.

Tip #3:

Be professional. Only take orders that you can fill within the deadline. When you accept an order for a piece of work, the customer expects you to fill it on time, and with excellent quality. A professional will strive for these high ideals.

Tip #4

Be brief. Don’t use ten words when one or two will do. Research and commitment to accuracy will result in brevity. It is easier to keep a consumer’s attention when you are direct and to the point.

Tip #5

Pay attention to details. Proofread, spell-check, and grammar check your work before you submit it.

Tip #6

Commit to your job. You must expect to spend time every day on writing. The best idea is to have a routine, a set place for writing, and a predetermined period of time to work.

Tip #7

Allow your personal style to show. No one writes just like you do, and you cannot write exactly like someone else. Having a personal style doesn’t mean using lots of slang or jargon, it just means letting a little of your personality shine through.

Tip #8

Read. The more widely read you are the more experiences you will have had – both in real life and vicariously.

Tip #9

Always proofread. I know I mentioned this before, but it is so important it cannot be said often enough. Accuracy is everything!

Tip #10

Have fun. It is a job, but if you enjoy it, it won’t be work.

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