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Being a freelance writer is a lengthy process which takes patience and time

In recent years, the internet has opened doors for countless opportunities whereby different jobs are offered online and completed online. The most widely known job on the internet, which serves many people across different generations and countries, is freelance writing.  The word freelance has its history long before the digital era. Its origin is traced in the Sir Walter Scott’s novel called “Ivanhoe” which was published in 1819.

Being a freelance writer is a lengthy process which takes patience and time

According to the first usage, the word was a combination of two words, free and lance. The meaning at that time meant mercenary soldiers hired at the time to accomplish the mission set by the person hiring them. It essentially referred to the battle skills of the men who were free and not under the control of anyone. The hiring was not done by just any person, but it was mainly confined to the nobles since they were the only people, at the time, allowed to own property. The freelancers would assist in fighting for property. From the first appearance of the term in the novel, the term was widely used to refer to mercenary soldiers.  The usage of the word gained popularity and it was used like a noun. In the early twentieth century, the word was later used as a verb and its meaning was greatly changed. In the twentieth century, the term referred to a person who sold his services, or work, for a monetary fee.

The concept of freelancing is perfectly understood today to mean any form of services offered freely wherein the one who offers the service does not have any claim of allegiance. It has been highly criticized to be a job that reinforces the concept that, in the future, real value is to be determined by the money paid to accomplish a certain task. In the twenty first century, the word freelance was joined with the word writer. The new terminology gained its meaning from the foregoing historicity but with a slight change to reflect the mentioned field. In the new age, the term entails many forms of writing. Freelance writing involves creative and research skills to gather information and put it all together in keeping with the instructions given. Being a freelance writer is a lengthy process which takes patience and time. However, the time invested pays since, with the skills it requires, freelance writing becomes enjoyable.

Writing freelance means an agency, or company, or an individual concentrating on the soliciting of jobs without being answerable to any oversight authority. In other words, there is no subordinate attachment to anyone. In writing freelance, once the task is accomplished, the writer has the freedom to look for another. The freedom is the main advantage of writing freelance. However, there are drawbacks worth examining. The uncertainty of work and lack of allegiance mean that employment benefits, such as pension and health insurance, are ruled out. Though there are diverse avenues of money inflow sources, if they are instantly lost it means that the writer has lost the source of livelihood. Secondly, not everyone can be a freelance writer since the discipline and skills required cannot be easily cultivated.

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  • Aksenova Valentina

    If properly treat freelance – that it is possible to earn good money, especially the young and talented writers. Become a freelance writer – not hard enough to understand the network online and find decent sites for freelancers. On a personal experience that the Internet is not impossible, even if you’re an aspiring writer!

  • Julia

    The article clearly describe who is the freelancer, the pros and cons of this work. Indeed, the work of a freelancer is a good chance to increase your income. So I want to become a freelance writer! I see this as a minor work, so for me the freedom is more important than the stability. The fact that the work should be done in a short time shows that you can make money fast. Although it is difficult to do it. But interesting!

  • Александр

    The writer – a rather lucrative profession! The article gives details on all its benefits, for which he would like to thank the author. Salary depends on each writer’s own impulses and desires. There are writers who live in the poor, and there is a very rich and famous writers. The main plus of the writer – it’s self-expression … As they say, become a freelance writer!

  • sashonh

    Thank you for this information. Now I know advantages and disadvantages of working in freelance way. I am looking for some part time job at home in internet, so I would like to become a freelance writer. I consider freelance writing as additional income, but not the main job. I know guys who have great talent and writing is their main income.

  • sunblooder

    Indeed, it’s all right. The main thing that attracts here is a freedom, such a sweet word, real advantage. And some persons are not afraid that the medical insurance and pension are lost and flying away, that there is no certainty, no any solid ground under feet. Be freelance writer is a calling, this requires a responsibility for own life. I think, there is necessary special character, passion to independence and self-sufficiency, to become a freelance writer, to live in such a way.

  • zaremka

    Working as a freelancer is very interesting. For this work, you not only get monetary rewards, but also a lot of knowledge, as it is written in this article. I completely agree. Be a freelance writer is just fine. You can write at any time when there is a will and intention. Yet it really distracts from the current problems. I wish you all to become a freelance writer.

  • mohamettar

    The internet has opened doors for great amount of opportunities for many people,and for me too. I am in love with writing articles and funny stories,since my childhood. And now writing is my hobby. Recently I have known that I can become a freelance writer not only for pleasure, but for salary too. Dreams come true )

  • sabisalimov

    I would like to become a freelance writer, go on own resources. In fact, it means to live freely, to do interesting and creative things, to work in accordance with my natural schedule, to plan my time as I need and to be independent neither of superiors nor of employees or other agents. Such lifestyle is perfect for my character. But now, for example, due to the heavy traffic, I spend 3-4 hours a day to reach the office. And what is the point? Where is my life here, in this day-by-day going round in circles?

  • Ирина

    With this article not only learned something new about how to earn through writing. But also now suggest to my friends who are planning to become a freelance writer to read your articles – they are really useful and help. Now, after reading your article, I already do less mistakes and I get to make the right choices. After all, you know how it is easy, especially when you work freelance writer.