Earn more with UvoCorp, registration for freelancers and writers groups begins

Earn more with UvoCorp

Finally, a long-awaited event is about to occur at UvoCorp.com. Registration will begin in a few days, and we have prepared some accompanying news.

First, we have implemented a multifunctional application form that will allow a separate registration for freelance applicants and group accounts. Yes, exactly — group accounts, as it appears to be a common experience throughout our writers’ team. At this time, we desire to take a step towards use of such accounts.

Freelancers will progress through the usual registration process by providing profile information and completing a sample paper. All contact details must be validated. We have in place stricter and more secure verification procedures in order to prevent fraudulent use and reselling of accounts.

As for a group account, only the manager/supervisor of the group should register, select the proficient disciplines for the group, and indicate how many writers are on the team. Afterwards, such accounts will be required to pass a probation period in our Mentoring Program. The purpose is to prove that each writer within the group is proficient enough to work with us.

Registration for freelancers and writers groups begins

We have removed the restriction that one cannot register more than once from the same IP address. We understand that relatives may share a laptop or that an applicant may be using an Internet café. Permitting multiple registrations from the same IP address will allow each individual to apply and respond as themselves.

In the event of a declined sample paper, an applicant may apply again within 6 months by emailing our team at vacancy@uvocorp.com. Since one cannot register twice with the same email address, the applicant is welcome to write us.

Also, remember that we are consistently conducting quality checks; therefore, any writer who is found to produce low-level writing or acts of plagiarism will be banned and prohibited from future writing.

I hope this information is useful for you. Welcome to our writers team!

Best regards,
Kamila Cheriani
Writers Department Manager

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