Freelance writers salary

After the stage of getting jobs, the next step is having an organized way of paying the writers. For quality work, the freelance writer is entitled to a salary depending on the terms of the agreement. There is a direct correlation between the satisfaction of the customers and the payment of the writer. The salary is based on the quality of the work done. There are orders which are submitted based on bids and they are normally negotiated by the company on behalf of the customer. Once the payment per page is confirmed the writer ought to receive payment if the work submitted has passed all stipulated requirements. The desire of the writer to enroll for paid freelance writing jobs is to have flexible payment options.
Unlike the time when a writer would be required to travel long distances to get paid, it is now easy for a freelance writer to be paid on line. Different modes of payment are available and the writer is only paid through the option he/she chooses. Some writers prefer accounts while others prefer wire transfers. The choice of the mode of payment must be consistent with the companies’ favored methods of payment. The company may be lacking the payment options presented by the writer. Depending on the guidelines of different companies and where the writer is, the salary ought to reach the writer at the agreed time. Some take two weeks while others take a month. The writer’s expectation is to get the money on time.
To enhance the writers’ interest in the payment, some companies offer the option of asking for payment earlier than the agreed date. The company allows such situations since a writer may be experiencing financial constraints and would like the option of getting the salary early. When the writer has completed the assignments and they have been approved, he/she is treated like any other employee. The company does not bear the charges of the mode of payment a writer chooses. In addition, once the money has been sent, the company is not responsible if it gets stolen before reaching the writer. The foregoing statement may sound unfair, but in many instances it is done in order to persuade the writer to choose a safe mode of money transfer. On time payment is only achievable in circumstances where the company has a streamlined way of checking the quality of the essays sent.
The only way that the company can retain reliable writers is making sure that they are paid their salaries. Online payment cannot be entirely safe from hackers. There are instances where the money in transit may be converted by hackers. When that happens, a writer is supposed to inform Security for investigations to be initiated. In extreme cases of unsafe money transfer, it is advisable for the writer to change the mode of transfer. Getting paid to write is just like the payment received from any other job. The only difference about the writer’s payment is that the employer and the employee do not meet, but the work is done. Be it the bonuses or the actual job payment, what any writer seeks in a writing career is the payment. Although many writers are motivated by an interest in writing, it is clear that the promise of payment triggers quality work. The writer also has an opportunity to lodge a complaint if the payment is lesser than the entitled amount and receive restitution. Details of payments are normally displayed on the account of the writer and would include the amount earned, the amount already paid and the amount outstanding.