How to find your true calling after one phone call

How Jenny joined the UvoCorp family

‘I told you so,’ I heard on the other end of the line. Melodious, caring voice kept saying, ‘He always took you for granted despite your numerous shifts and wake-up calls in the middle of the night to check your inbox asap just to make sure everything goes smoothly. I am telling you, darling, Bob doesn’t deserve you’.

Mom, why would he? He was my boss after all, not the love of my life’.

Jenny, dear, you can’t work in an environment where people don’t appreciate you. You are smart, intelligent, and well-educated. Quite pretty as well, I admit, though I still insist you go to that stylist. You know, Mrs. Patterson now looks way much younger and beautiful. You should see how she makes men twist their necks on the street!’

Mom, Mrs. Patterson is sixty. I can’t beat her new style… Anyways, I gotta go. My university degree won’t pay for itself. I need to find a new job more than a stylish haircut’.

Monday morning. What could be worse than Monday morning? Jobless Monday morning. Getting to the office just to find out you were fired. The company went bankrupt, and here I am, a 27-year old energetic and smart (well, according to my Mom) girl seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. Think, Jenny, think…The landlord is coming on Friday. I need to make a tuition payment in a week. Oh, and the bills! Looks like electricity bills have no mercy on me. Well, at least I can make all the payments online now, no need to wait in the line in the bank. I wish everything was as easy as those online payments. You log in, type the information, and voila, you are done!

Contextual advertising… yep, that’s what I need right now. Oh, cool fish, by the way… I’ve always been fascinated by how people can create all those fancy web designs (note to self: learn more about graphic design in 2018). Register now to start earning. High wages, payment on time, working from home (oh, I like that!). But what do I know about freelance writing? I remember I was pretty good at writing essays back at school. My university professors also admitted I had a way with words and languages.

I like the idea of working from home. No need to spend a few hours a day just to get to the office and do the same typing work I can do right here, sitting at home. There is also a chance I can combine my second academic degree with… wait, what’s the company’s name… UvoCorp (sounds just like Universal Virtual Office, by the way; +1 to the guys who came up with the name). No registration fees. If you are a freelance writer who is tired of all the headaches, hassles (oh, that’s me!), and low pay, you need our freelance organization.’

If you are looking for the best freelance job to cover your expenses and provide you with opportunities to grow as a writer, join our strong staff of freelance writers and accomplish your goals’.

The morning horoscope said I should be adventurous today…

one, two, three… Register! Wait a minute…

(to be continued…)