How to use MSWord Spelling and Grammar checker

Dear current and future writers!
In order to help you with your work, we have decided to tell you about MSWord Spelling and Grammar checker. This tool is designed to recognize most common errors in writing. Even the most experienced writers may make mistakes, that’s why this option can be really helpful for you. Enabling the correct functions in your ‘Proofing’ options will provide you with quick solutions, to avoid common errors in your work. We have uploaded two new documents to your Writing Guide section,
where you can find all specifications regarding MSWord Spelling and Grammar checker.
Document titles are:
1)Using GrammarStyle Checker
2)Checking your GrammarStyle Checker.
Please, read these documents carefully and check your papers before submitting them to the customers.
We really hope this information was useful for you. Thank you for your attention!
Writers Department