I put my fingers on a keyboard, and it changed my life

After four years of university education and searching for employment necessitated a move to a new career. As a result, I selected an easier one. I picked one that offered a ton of dollars, regular working hours as well as validated me completely — writing. However, with a steep learning curve as well as an eternal mystery of commas, I could not have chosen a more challenging field.

Writing was never of interest to me since my college years. However, six years later, after my freshman year, I put my fingers on a keyboard, and it changed my life. 

How I started my career in academic writing

I am a natural planner, and I had my life mapped out. I had decided that I would pursue a degree in technology, become a software developer, marriage was somewhere crammed into space then maybe kids at some point. However, things changed for me upon graduation and months without a job.

As a result, I found myself on a journey I never intended to travel, a mission to find myself. I met Tom Gichohi who introduced me to academic writing. It was the imperfect medicine as I had a means of earning as well as an avenue to explore different ideas and meet new people. Ultimately, my highlight as a professional academic writer was in September 2017 when I applied to become a writer with Uvocorp.com. Within seven days, I had been accepted and assigned to a mentor.

I passed through a rigorous program where I was able to work on numerous orders and under her guidance I graduated from the program with a university level. During the four months with the company, I have been recognized with a golden pen award. I still aim to own an office account and assist other people to find a purpose through writing and earn from it.

I still have dreams of being a software developer. I am married, now with two children. I pursue my daily endeavors, not out of duty but love. But now am a writer working for the best company around.