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The most important part in selecting jobs for writers is that the competence of the writer in a certain area and the guiding interest should be highly considered. The work written should not only be persuasive, but should also adhere to the instructions of the customer. Some clients, when selecting the writers, stick to the conventional practice of going through the directory, as well as checking the website postings such as at our website. There are some clients who prefer having writers from the same locality to be able to meet them and make their instructions known. Handling jobs as a writer where you have to meet the client to collect the job, or submit it, is not very cost effective. Costs, which range from commuting to making phone calls, are the responsibility of the writer. The career becomes challenging when the costs of traveling to meet the client are paid by the writers.  It is the writer’s duty to exercise the right of choice and either choose the said job, or leave it. For instances when meeting the client is important, it is economical for the client to look for writers with whom they share the same region.

The age of technological know how has made it easy for writers since jobs are offered online unlike before when traveling could not be avoided.  The writer logs into his/her account and selects the assignment and if there are questions, or files required to be used in the work, these are requested. The duty of the company is to act as an intermediary through which the message from the client and that from the writer must pass. The monitoring of the messages provides an avenue whereby all instructions given to the writer are elaborated while, at the same time, the client is given the feedback.  The existence of an intermediary helps greatly in ensuring that the client’s needs and the writer’s interests are reconciled.

Without the freelance writing companies finding a way to make the writer and the client reachable, the efforts to have the interests of each attained would be futile.  In a communication free environment, it essentially becomes very easy to monitor the progress of the writing. The writer also gets motivated while working. In a situation where the job is reassigned, it becomes very easy for the writer to stop working on it.

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