Jobs for writers online

Writers come in all shapes and sizes. There are writers that work on creative compositions, writers that produce technical documents, writers that work to make businesses prosper, and more. Below, I will discuss all the variety of jobs for writers in detail.


An author is a writer that focuses on writing books. These books can be in the form on fiction, non-fiction, or any other type of book. It is not the most stable of positions, but if you land a book contract, it is possible to make a sizable income as an author.


Bloggers write blog posts either for personal blogs or for companies—and sometimes for both. Blog writing requires a knowledge of Internet audiences, knowing how to write in a marketable way, and knowing how to traverse SEO requirements. There is a wide spectrum for payment as a blogger, but your best bet is to be a blogger for a tech company in order to make a decent income.

Book Coach

According to Jyssica Schwartz from The Writing Cooperative, “The best definition I can say for a book coach is “a writing partner in all aspects except for actually writing” and can include a bonus editor! Basically, I work with authors from conception of their idea to completion of the book” (The Writing Cooperative). Obviously, to become a book coach, you need to have written many books yourself and be a competent in education.

Commissioning Editor

These individuals recommend books for a publishing house to publish. A commissioning editor is in the role as an assistant and advisor, and does not make any direct decisions. These people also make sure authors deliver materials on time.

Copy Editor

This is one of the most common jobs for writers. Copy editors edit “copy,” which is text to market a certain product, service, or individual. Copy editors are also needed within media to make sure texts are correct for publication.

Creative Consultant

Usually, creative consultants act as advisors for movie screenplays. They work within the writing process, and are also called an executive consultant, story consultant, and script consultant. However, these writers are not usually given credit when displaying the credits in film.
Dog Writer

Believe it or not, dog writers are becoming increasingly in demand since the pet market in general has exploded in its products, services, and events. Dog writers write about these canines in publications, for dog shows, for news outlets, and more. There is even the Dog Writers Association.

Freelance Writer

This is sort of a vague term, as it implies writing anything on a freelance basis. However, most freelance writers write articles, blog posts, and content for websites. There are many freelance websites where you get to register and find regular orders to work on.


No, this position has nothing to do with ghosts. Ghostwriters are hired to write in the place of others—the “others” are usually famous people or people who are well-known in some way. These people either don’t have the time for writing, would rather have someone more competent write about what they want to express, or are simply lazy. Have your pick.


In terms of jobs for writers, this is one of the most comprehensive type of positions. Journalists act as reporters, writers, detectives, editors, photographers, and more. They usually work for media outlets, and are given the chance to travel the world in many instances.

Literary Editor

This type of editor heads a publication, looking after the quality of the publication(s) he or she represents. Literary editors occasionally edit books as well. They combine the skills of a proofreader, editor, reviewer, writer, and manager.

Manuscript Formatter

Putting together manuscripts can be a real pain. That is why this work is often given to manuscript formatters. They know how to easily format documents according to all formatting styles and know shortcuts for turning draft content into polished compositions ready for publication.

Medical Writer

This position implies two different positions: one is a supporter of doctors and other medical professionals with recording and presenting research/results, while another position refers to writers who submit their articles and essays to medical journals on a regular basis to earn a living or to make a supplemental income. Both positions denote knowing the medical field with great expertise, and knowing how to write well (which is not common for doctors… just a side joke). Almost anything to do with medicine incurs big checks, so medical writers are lucky.


One of the most celebrated jobs for writers, a novelist is also one of the most chaotic. It is difficult to know if your novels will make the cut or not, and whether you can live onto the next day. Therefore, many novelists have to work a second job to support their careers.


Another respected career as a writer throughout the ages is being a poet, however it is also probably the most financially unstable. In older times, poets were compensated by rich patrons, but now, poets are rarely given attention by the public or the media. It is a satisfying occupation on its own, but a difficult position to tend to for financial sustenance.


There are many chances for reviewers to show their craft in journals, magazines, newspapers, books, and websites. Also, reviewers can write on a wide variety of topics, such as literature, sports, books, art, and more. If one can become a staff reviewer, a good career can follow.


These writers are featured in media products such as films, television, and video games. It is also one of those creative professions that is it a make-it-or-break-it thing. There is not much of a line between success and failure in the film industry.

Script Coordinator

According to Quora, “Essentially they track the script, the script’s changes and annotations, and the problems/concerns for the script, all during pre-production in order to facilitate smooth production. This is distinctly different from the script supervisor, who annotates the script on set and tracks concerns related to the script during production for the purpose of facilitating the post-production workflow” ( So, the key difference between a script coordinator and a script supervisor is the time at which their work are processed.

Script Doctor

This is an independent specialist hired to rewrite and fix parts of a script. This implies that a script doctor must be a master of script writing, editing, structure, and formatting. As you can see, there are many jobs for writers that involve the film industry.


In these modern times, with all the hustle and bustle, many famous people require speech writers to make up for the time and competence they do not have. Speechwriters coordinate with politicians and other public figures in order to write speeches for them. This is not to say these public figures do not interject or add their own input, but they hand over the majority of the work to the speechwriters to express ideas and emotions. Speechwriters must be competent not only in writing and structuring a speech, but also in knowing how to interact with VIP people and how to express their wishes.

Staff Writer

For jobs as a writer, one cannot fail to mention a staff writer. Staff writers are represented mostly in publications, like journals, magazines, and newspapers, but they are seen in technology companies and the like. A staff writer is a dream job for many writers, as it usually means a long, successful career. Also, staff writers usually write articles, essays, and other content that pertain to their specialties. This makes the work enjoyable.

Technical Writer

This highly respected position is probably a writer’s best bet for a comfortable career and a solid financial return. Though the work can be termed as tedious, technical writing is needed in technology companies, medical companies, and other companies that deal with more sophisticated products and services. Technical writers earn between 60 thousand dollars to 100 thousand dollars annually. Microsoft, Amazon, and other big companies are constantly on the lookout for experienced technical writers. So, if you want to make it as a writer, it would be best to aim for finding technical writing jobs. However, one needs plenty of writing and editing experience, coupled with technical knowledge, to enter into this field properly.

Website Content Writer

This is another general term within the sphere of jobs for writers. Each website has content, and each website needs content writers! In fact, websites are constantly seeking to post material, as it means better SEO and choices for visitors. Therefore, this position is highly in demand.

Grant Writer

Many non-profit organizations are in need of grants and so are people who do things on a volunteer basis. This is where the grant writer steps in. Even if an organization has a staff writer, he or she may or may not know how to write a grant effectively and properly. Grant writers usually have a few years of experience in grant writing, and thus can easily traverse the sphere of grant writing.

I hope this list has given you inspiration to become a writer. Best of luck in your career!


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