In love with medicine and writing

“Amoxicillin 500 mg…please take this medication three times a day for your bacterial infection…do you have a penicillin allergy?…What kind of allergic reaction?…Hives and trouble breathing?…I will contact the doctor to change your prescription.”

Incorporating Uvocorp into my personal life has been a blessing for me.I am a doctor of pharmacy. As a hospital pharmacist, I work alongside physicians and other healthcare professionals to communicate and monitor clinical interventions. I also resolve medication issues and educate my staff in regards to appropriate patient therapy. Every day I come into work and there is always something new to tackle – a patient’s medication therapy that needs dose adjustments or a patient with a worsening condition that requires a new medication regimen. As cliche as it sounds, I love helping people feel better and live longer. What I also love is working in an enriched environment where I can always build my knowledge and learn something new.

Working for UvoCorp parallels working at my hospital – there is always something new to learn and experience! UvoCorp combines my love for learning, educating and writing all into one. UvoCorp gives me so many opportunities to choose from such as business studies and history that helps build my knowledge base and expand my horizons. When I have downtime at work or I am home, I log onto UvoCorp and start writing. Sometimes the writing helps me center myself after a stressful day at work. Other times, I am able to apply what I learn from work into writing. For example, many of my patients suffer from tuberculosis and I could share what I know about tuberculosis from work into my writing.

Other days, I would be working on an assignment that I want to learn more about. For instance, I want to learn more about marketing because one of my friends is in the advertising sector. I could easily sign up for an available assignment on Uvocorp that help me dive right into the marketing world and learn more about it. Incorporating Uvocorp into my personal life has been a blessing for me and I am happy to write for Uvocorp!