Motivation in Online Writing jobs

One of the key components in being successful in online writing jobs is motivation to write. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic or both. For example, you may decide to become a freelance writer because you like the idea of working from home. Perhaps you wish to augment income from a regular job with writing opportunities during your free time. Possibly you love the stimulation of writing a good piece and developing knowledge of a subject area while writing about it. Whatever initially motivated you to become a freelance writer, you may find a need for daily motivation to continue being productive.

Motivation in Online Writing jobs

First, have a daily routine. Establish a time and a place for writing each day. Make the routine one that you can reasonably enjoy and maintain. Maybe writing takes place for two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon, and one hour in the evening. Perhaps you enjoy sitting in a comfortable chair at a desk positioned in front of a window, allowing yourself to look up once in a while to enjoy the scenery.

Motivation in Online Writing jobs

Second, plan a small reward for completing the daily writing activity. The reward can be as simple as reading a favorite novel, going for a walk, or talking with a friend on the phone.

Third, when completing a major writing task, have a little something special planned. You might enjoy renting a DVD and having movie night with your favorite person.

Fourth, to help stay motivated, be certain to select writing assignments that appeal to you. Do you like the subject area? Is the interesting topic to you? It is difficult to stay motivated if you do not feel confident in completing the task or you find the subject boring.

Finally, keep in mind your initial motivation for becoming a freelance writer. Is it still valid? Remind yourself of the rewards you see in being a freelance writer.

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