New Internal System

Dear Writers,

As you may notice we have launched new internal web-site (homepage). Interface is renewed in order to be more user friendly and comfortable, as well as some new features are added. Working process with the orders remains the same, hope you won’t have difficulties with new design.
Here is the list of changes that are integrated:

– Communication system. You may write a message directly from your homepage to the department you need to contact (Dispute, Dissertations, Writers, Quality Assurance), despite writing an email.You can filter the inbox to view messages from different departments. Unread messages are always displayed on top, and at once you read them, they will be sorted by the date of receipt.

Please, note: You will receive CONFIRMATION NEEDED messages. You should “Read message” and “Confirm/Reject” all confirmation needed messages before proceeding with the work. The system automatically blocks all order activity if you have unconfirmed messages.Do not forget to press the button “read message” on each note received inside the order, otherwise you will have many unread messages, what will prevent you from noticing new messages in time.

– Simplified available orders page. Press on the link simple beside the Available Orders tab, and you will be able to check new orders on the page which loads much faster, but has no search options.
– Request to compensate fine. Beside each fine in your financial report you will see a link: [compensate fine], you may press it if you are sure that the fine was unjust or wrongly applied. Do not abuse this right!
– Separated tabs for Revisions, Disputes, My current orders.
– Ability to remove your bid from the order. Press the button “remove bid” inside the order where you have placed your bid. You will be able to apply or take such order later, if it’s still available. Also, you may update your bid, by removing it and placing again, in case order is in Available Orders for a long time, letting us know that you are still willing to work on the order.

To discuss our new Hope Page on the forum please follow the link
Kind regards,
Writers Department