Overcome your writing insecurities with a Mentor

Mentoring Program in UvoCorp. Writer`s confession.

Who would you call a Mentor? That might be a friend. A colleague of yours. Maybe a close relative or even your own kid who shows you that life decisions can be simpler than we think. At Uvocorp, Mentor is your coach, your trainer. It is a person whose main responsibility is to make your writing style sound like you were born a writer. In case you got a little bit lost in time and forgot what you used to know back at school or university, you can get back on the writing track.

One day I gave up my search for the muse. Maybe she’s just on a long – very long, like a few-year – vacation. Or maybe having read my first completed order, she swept away the papers on her desk and shouting ‘I cannot stand it no more. I quit!’ took French leave. No goodbyes, not even a single note ‘It is not about you, it is all about me’. But women in my family never give up! And luckily, nor did my Mentor.

So how does it all work?

  • Mentor edits your papers. You will see his/her corrections and consider them in your future writing practice.
  • Mentor always provides you with his/her feedback and recommendations on how to make your writing better. This is something my muse was really bad at…
  • You can chat with your Mentor during the whole period of your participation in the Mentoring Program.

Now, the most important part. Bid division. Yes, the pay you receive for an order is going to be divided between you and your Mentor. Once you are in the program, you get a detailed table with the whole bid division system. Let’s say your Mentor corrected 1-3 types of some minor mistakes (grammar, punctuation, a few formatting errors). These corrections will reduce your bid from 0 to 10% maximum. The logic here is quite transparent: the more you follow the Mentor’s comments and guides, the higher the chances of your initial bid to remain untouchable.

What I found quite appealing in the program is that the management asks you what subjects you are interested in. If you are not that good at numbers (like me), there is no sense to torture yourself trying to recall all those algorithms and equations. I am good at English, History, Management, and Psychology orders. Most tasks are about following the client’s instructions, leaving no room for creativity.

There are also creative assignments. This is where you can finally let the world know if we all should become vegetarians or what you would do if you were the only person left on Earth while all others decided to conquer other planets. I would definitely make myself the President of the Universe, cancel all the governmental borders, and enjoy my restless life until I woke up to find out that was only a dream. Life is cruel, I know. I would have been an awesome ruler…

Unlike our night dreams, making money while being a part of the Mentoring Program is real. Working for an academic assistance company is something we all can take advantage of. On average, the probation period in the MP lasts 2 months. An ordinary Coursera online course is 3 months. You can keep taking orders right after graduation, while Coursera certificate can’t give you any guarantee of finding a source of income.

My dear future colleagues, in case you made it in until the end of this story… you did it! Here comes the price. The secret of successful graduation. I can describe my way from a College level applicant to a Master’s level writer in one word – work. Well, two words – hard work. Work on your papers, follow your Mentor’s comments. Practise writing every day, as this is the only way to perfection.

Just like my gym trainer says, ‘Hustle for that muscle’.