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Select Your Own Style of Writing

Select Your Own Style of Writing

Do you enjoy writing? Would you like to make some money doing it? Then consider freelance writing jobs. There are many kinds of freelance writing opportunities available in today’s job market. With the availability of the Internet, being a freelance writer is easier than ever before. You are able to market your writing skills in whatever field, work from any location globally, and arrange your work hours to suit your personal needs. Furthermore, you can choose to accept freelance writing jobs that utilize your unique writing style.

What Freelance Writers Do?

Think for a moment about what kind of writing you like to do. Part of determining your writing preference is looking at your background knowledge as well as personality traits, and likes and dislikes. For example, if you have expertise in the health industry, you may choose to write articles or research papers for the area of nursing or pharmaceuticals. If you are a history buff, then you may enjoy writing papers on historical events or historical figures. Perchance you have some training in marketing or you have some experience in financing. Maybe you love philosophy, or you taught in the classroom for a period of time. Whatever your background knowledge or area of interest, make use of it in freelance writing.
Once you have decided what expertise you possess or subjects you would enjoy learning, you have some direction in considering your preferred writing style. Each field of interest dictates to some degree a need for a precise kind of writing. Certain occupations utilize specialized jargon while others incorporate a more casual form of expression. Various disciplines necessitate a specific writing style format, such as APA, MLA, or Harvard, for example. Think about your preferred style of writing. Do you tend to write in a more casual manner, or is your writing very scholarly? Are you well-versed with terminology found in a particular field? Answers to these questions will offer your further guidance into identifying your style of writing.
Now that you have a good inventory of your background knowledge and some insight into your style of diction in writing, think about your personality traits and how they transfer into selecting freelance writing jobs. Are you creative? You may enjoy rewriting a scene from a different character’s perspective. Possibly you like writing an essay or article that calls for you to provide insightful comments or to relate personal experiences to an idea or phenomenon. Perhaps you enjoy reading several articles and identifying a common thread to discuss. Maybe you enjoy reading or watching movies and providing critiques. Do you enjoy exploring controversial topics and defending a position? Then, writing argumentative or positional essays may be your niche. Do you like to write short pieces that are two or three pages in length or do you enjoy a major research project where you truly immerse yourself in learning about a topic? Again, thoughtful reflections on these kinds of questions help to guide you in identifying your style of writing.
Whatever your style of writing is, remember that you can select online freelance writing jobs to fit those preferences. So, spend some time thinking about your background knowledge or about subject areas in which you would like to develop more knowledge. Consider your style of diction in writing. Finally, reflect on the kinds of writing you enjoy, be it of a creative nature, critiquing, or conducting research, and choose according to your own style of writing.

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