UvoСorp: beyond the pages. Meet Abigael, the writer.

I love portraiture and event photography, especially weddings, graduations, and birthday parties – I have an awesome collection. Writing and taking pictures keeps me pretty much occupied; I wish I had a little more time per day than the conventional 24 hours.

I always loved reading literature, but I did not consider myself a writer. I never even knew one could be paid very awesomely to sit down and do some research. The book I would recommend? The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A very interesting one.

Having an inspiration in academic writing is definitely a must. In the end, one must have something that pushes them and whispers in their ear: “push on buddy”. My greatest inspiration is to finally build my mama a house of her own. She deserves that. All mothers do.

A kids’ computer camp

Elon Musk fascinates me. The way he manages everything and leads huge enterprises while still being the brain behind many innovations. He also fights for sustainability. It’s not every day you find a rich person who wants to save the environment and the Earth.

There are so much UvoCorp can adopt from Elon’s traits, leadership, and talent. Actually, it already has done so a number of times. For example, creating a working environment that both writers and clients feel appreciated and treated with respect is definitely an Elon trait. Besides, improving efficiency in the processes of placing an order, assigning writers, and getting it delivered without bottlenecks and backlogs is a go.

My dream destination is Hawaai. I think it is very beautiful.

My ideal working environment is, first, with a comfortable pay that reflects the amount of work I put in. Second, no constant threats from my boss (I should be able to determine whether I want to work overtime or not, I should not be forced to work on the weekends and holidays). And, third, there should definitely be an unlimited supply of tea – it’s my favourite beverage. Like now I just had two and half cups of tea since we started this interview. Wow, that’s a lot.

Teaching kids on computers

UvoCorp satisfies 80% of my ideal working environment, if I have my math right. Every morning I think about all the people stuck in traffic going to their 8 – 5 p.m. job, but I am comfortably in my warm sheets with my neck raised by a fluffy pillow on my bed, working on the orders, and I realize how lucky I am. I also do not have to mind playing my favourite kinds of music (Electronic R&B and Pop) loud because I won’t be served with a letter of termination the following day.

If I were God, I would equalize everyone on Earth. Provide same resources and have one race. That would cut down 90% of the problems in the globe, at least I would like to think so.

One day I came up with a group of friends and we decided that twice a year we go to disadvantaged areas with little or no electricity supply and where the roads are even inaccessible. We stay for a week, teaching children in a few selected schools about technology. By the time we finish, the children are able to type their names, identify the parts of a computer, and do basic stuff such as powering on and shutting down a computer. We do not do it for the pay.

In 25 years I see myself here, in my country (Kenya). It is going to be a satisfactory point in life where I could have done more for society than I could imagine. That is my ultimate goal in life.

Number one piece of advice for people who want to start a career in academic writing: make sure you can deliver top-notch quality work.

I have a dream. That one day few hundreds of people attribute their success in life to me. That would be my wow moment.