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Meet writer Yasir

« Here I am today, living a life of my dreams.»

I’m the kid next door who belongs to a culturally diverse region of Pakistan, where gratitude and inclusion guide our everyday lives. I started as someone with many hopes and dreams but not many pathways. After several years of hard work, I finally received a direction in the form of the internet.

I didn’t start research writing to earn, I started merely to learn and share. I contributed in my local village, then focused towards my city and finally decided to move a step ahead and involve people on a national level. And I started to change things.

I successfully trained 7 youth members from 5 different cities who are currently working as freelance research writers. Besides, I’ve helped thousands of students around the world to overcome their academic challenges. Which is a major plus point.

I often engage with students to help them off the record. Writing for them is one thing. I help students plan their entire career paths.

The first thing I do in the morning is to tidy up my room, have breakfast, clean up the stuff immediately, and then move on to the next list of things to do. I do not like to waste my time sleeping except for the 6 to 7 hours night sleep. I just can’t help sitting idle.

My father told: remain consistent if you want to succeed at anything. He said that one of your weaknesses is your inconsistency. Once you remove this weakness, you shall be successful.

I’m a frequent Google Maps contributor and a local guide with 4.5 stars rating. I love to explore the areas nearby and far away. Kashmir is truly heaven on earth.


I know 6 languages, including Persian, Pustho, Balochi, Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi. Persian is one of the sweetest. The first word that comes to my mind in Persian is ‘Tashakur’. It means Thank You. It’s symbol of humility and gratitude and every persian uses this word a lot.

Helping people out is what drives me as a person. Without any expectations, I lend a hand to pretty much everyone. But I also suffer at times, as people take me for granted. But I can live with that, it’s human nature.

If I were a God for a day, the first change will be the removal of the stomach from all human beings, which would obviously remove all hunger and greed. Then, I would remove the thought that someone has a better life, car, home or job. This will make everyone satisfied with what they have.

One of my university teachers said, in life go straight and turn right. And I still try to abide by this very advice.

To tell you the truth, there are hundreds of people in my country who work 6 days a week 10 to 12 hours a day and end up making around $300 or above on the 30th of every month. While I have the comfort of my bed, coffee, tea, rest and entertainment while making three times as much money.

It’s a matter of priorities. For some, my life would be nowhere near a dream. But for me, it is far more than a dream.

I wish I knew that Information Technology and Computer Science will rule the world in the coming few years. I mean, I know that if I had completed a Bachelor’s in computer science, I would have done wonders.

At the end of the day, it’s your skill that helps you sustain.

I have always been a person who loves freedom and liberty at everything. But I ended up losing at least 8 to 9 years working as an accountant at multiple private firms. If I knew that I can be an entrepreneur and still get a much better life than most, I would probably have been the CEO of a ecommerce company myself years back.

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Fathers, mothers, doctors, engineers and even policymakers of my country have complete lack of awareness and a typical slave mindset. A complete lack of awareness rules our society.

When I got the first paycheck, I gave the money to my mother. My very first salary was $80. I gave the whole amount to her, she took $20 and returned the rest for me to rejoice. $80 back then was equal to $500 today.

An ideal work environment is where I have the liberty to complete the assigned tasks the way that I consider best. It’s a place where employees are not given a cabin, a timetable and roadmap. And no office politics. For neutral people like me, life becomes difficult in the presence of office politics.

Understanding the company culture is mandatory, but changing the culture is more important. Changing it such that it reflects the best interest of the company, the employees and the external stakeholders. Not just the company.

Consistency and self-awareness are the keys to never-ending prosperity, no matter what situation life puts you in.