Why should i become a freelance writer?

Freelance writing has many benefits for writers. Do you spend a fortune on gas for your car getting to and from work? Then you should become a freelance writer as on line writing jobs are a totally refreshing alternative. You are your own boss. When you need to go to the dentist you simply leave. No office supervisor to ask permission from. When you work out your budget and you see there is an unexpected payment coming up, you simply make a mental note to do another order to cover it.

Why should i become a freelance writer?

I was trapped in the rat race and life was a stress filled exercise from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep, and even then stress often kept me from sleeping.
When I decided to become a free lance writer it gave me freedom from the grind of getting to work and back, and the regimen of an office. Also it allowed me to choose the work I want to do. There is no supervisor telling me what I must do. I simply accept the orders that interest me. This releases my creativity.

Not only that, but it allows me to enjoy flexibility. Instead of rigid work times, which forced me to conform, I can plan my days work around my own priorities. This means I can give time to the important things in my life like family, friends, and social activities.

We all work for money and since I decided to become a freelance writer I earn good money per page.

I know how much work I must do to earn what I require. As far as payment goes the system is very simple. Before you write you agree on the price and the customer’s requirements. Once you have delivered the paper and the customer approves it you receive the payment. Payment is usually made bi- monthly.

As a freelance writer you will need a collection of writing samples to be able to show the quality of your work. You do not need a lot, but a few well written pieces between 300 to 500 words are essential. Make sure they deal with the area you want to write about, such as finance, home care, or any other subject you are interested in. Your sample is the only evidence the customer has that you can do the task.
Next you apply to advertized positions with a resume and your samples and wait to see what response you get. On occasion you may benefit by sending a letter to an editor. This letter must be careful crafted and sent to the key decision maker. So do research before hand to ensure you know who makes the decisions.
There is an endless demand for your services if you become a freelance writer. Today with the economy being so tight free lance writing will give you access to an international market. The opportunity is recession proof as there is a constant demand for writing whether the economy is strong, or not.
The other wonderful point about free lance writing is you can easily become a writer. One of the lucrative writing jobs on line is academic writing. There are many online academic writing companies who employ freelance writers to help write papers for students from all over the world. However, there are many other kinds of writing jobs available on line. Many do copy writing, others prefer content writing but as a freelance writer the choice is yours. You only apply for jobs that you want to do and no one is there to force you to write in genres you are not comfortable with.

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