Write the best selling title in your freelance writing career

The bottom line of writing is to communicate an idea that the writer wants another person to read and understand. That is true no matter if you write a letter, essay, article or a book. Your title is your best marketing tool!

Freelance writing career

You may want to be a freelance writer and write as a career. It is a highly competitive career, and to be successful you need to stand out. There are different fields a freelance writer can enter, but the one with the best potential is the Internet. There are a great variety of freelance writing opportunities on the Internet. Writing blogs, articles, academic writing, and e books is providing income for many writers.
The standard of writing is also very high as most of these freelance writers are professional writers whose content is well researched and flawlessly presented. So to get the edge over others a freelance writer needs to know how to how to write a bestselling title.
We are all familiar with the saying “do not judge a book by its cover”, and most of us as some time or other read a book because we liked the cover, or passed one by simply because we did not like the cover.
The Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group shows that 457 million e-books were sold last year. In this market, a bestselling title gives the edge, as covers are not so important. Likewise, if we have to start looking at the statistics for numbers of articles written for Internet sites, or the numbers of papers written by academic writing services we will find similar overwhelming figures. Therefore, no matter if you are writing an e book, an article or an academic paper your title must be powerful, or because most will judge it by its title your writing and its content will be ignored. This you do not want.

How to write a bestselling title

The following points will help you to do so:

1. Consider your content
No matter what you wrote the content expresses its purpose, therefore take this into consideration when choosing your title. It must powerfully state your message. That is primary. However, at the same time you need to use words that will attract the reader’s attention immediately. The reader browsing will not spend more than a few seconds looking at your title. That is all the time you have to persuade him or her to take yours from among many.

2. Consider your audience
You have a message to communicate, a reason for doing so, and an audience in mind. An article on a heart bypass may be directed to surgeons giving them technical information. Alternatively, it may be aimed at reaching people whose lives can be lengthened if they have one, thus the information is more inspirational. This must be reflected in the title.

3. Consider bestselling books and articles
The statistics are easily available and when you peruse them, you will find the bestseller titles are usually simple and direct. Amazon’s top sellers use “What to do when…”
No matter if what you are writing is academic, biographical, self-help, or fiction this indicates people want to know what they are buying. The judge the book by its title! And they expect to find the content matches the expectation raised by the title.

4. Personalize
Once you have honestly reflected your message in your title, you can now look for a way to personalize it to suit your taste. An example might be that you have a title “How to succeed” and turn it around to “Tired of losing?”. Both support the message but one gives it a spin. Your title is your best marketing tool. Do not waste it. Even in your academic essays if you are studying a powerful title, which reflects the content, will result in better grades.

5. Test and change if necessary.
This can be done in a simple way by asking family and friends if they find your title interesting, and if not why? Do not be afraid of criticism. Make changes until the formula is getting a good response from your test group. Then you can know you have done your best.

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