Thin line between writing for cash on line and writing for money online

Writing online takes many forms. There are those who develop sites where they post articles to enlighten people without receiving any payment.  Another form of writing is writing for money online. The first impression that the term writing for money makes is that the writer is sustained by writing. In the same way a business man would get his/her livelihood through business, a writer for money writes to get the money. Many writers today find it challenging to write for free without any form of monetary compensation. Voluntary writing has mainly been evident in religious field where dissemination of literature on different beliefs has widely been free. Writing online for money may not literally mean that someone is writing online, but it may mean that the person has used the internet to market the writing skills. The narrow thinking that writing online for money means writing has been disproved by the emergence of sites which are for managing and marketing writers skills.

Other sites have also been developed to allow writers to access their money easily after the writing period.  There is a thin line between writing for cash on line and writing for money online. The latter means that the payment extended to the writer may be in other negotiable instruments while the former means that the money must be in cash. It is always the duty of the writer, during the negotiation stages, to state their preferred mode of payment. This gives the writing company a chance to ascertain whether such means can be accommodated and if not, then it means that the writer may choose other means or reject the offer to work on the job. Clarity on the mode of payment at an early stage is very important since what would have become complex later is resolved early.

It is to the detriment of the writer when he does not exercise prudence, in the negotiation stage, since he stands to lose more than the company. The writing company is, on the other hand, required to afford all relevant information to the writer. To avoid misrepresentation, the writing company is under a duty to explain all the terms and conditions to the writer in language that is comprehensible. In the event that the writer does not understand, it is advisable to ask questions.

The exchange of the copyright entitlements of the writer must be done with transparency without undue influence or coercion. The writer may be writing for cash, but the negotiating ground must be leveled to ensure that both parties coexist harmoniously. The main challenge to write for cash online is the fact that the modes of cash transit may not be safe and could be hacked by fraudsters while being transferred. Few companies insure their online cash transactions hence many writers have continuously suffered greatly from the acts of fraudsters. The dealings that take place online have been hard to investigate since many writers use different names, which are not their real names. The development of various mechanisms to track down hackers, have helped writers.

There are countless writing companies online, which purport to have jobs for writers while, in reality, they invite writers who negotiate and agree on a price which they end up failing to pay. A beginner in writing for money online may not know how to distinguish a genuine writing company from a sham. Once a writer has been conned the money earned, it may be hard to trust the writing companies again. The biggest challenge worth close examination is the fact that writing for money may be brought into disrepute in the sense that quality writing is increasingly being compromised so as to write more but which, in turn, makes one earn less. The conflict between quality and quantity has made writing a battlefield. Writing for cash online has been lately avoided by writers and many have concentrated on publishing the written articles.

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