Academic writing companies are looking for freelance writers

As a reputable online academic writing service with a growing client base, we are looking for freelance writers who are keen to start a career with our writing service. Today Internet has made possible the growth of online academic writing companies. In a moment, documents can move around the world at almost no cost. This has made it practical for students to send their assignments to the writing companies. Once the professional freelance writers have completed the task, they simply click it back. Payment is also made almost instantaneously via Internet payment systems.

Academic writing companies are looking for freelance writers

What Academic Writing Involves

What will you do as a freelance writer with our company? The students upload their assignments on our website giving their specific instructions and requirements.  A price is agreed with the customer and the customer gives a delivery date. Then as a freelance writer, you can take the order if it is in your area of expertise and educational qualification and you are able meet the deadline. Some students may be writing a BA, others Masters Degrees or PhDs.  You may be given a topic or have to choose one, do the research and write the paper in the requested format. Once finished it is delivered to the customer and payment is made. As a freelance writer, you will have a profile account and a password.  This account will be credited with the agreed amount and paid out every two weeks.

Endless Benefits
There are many benefits working as a freelance writer online. You no longer have to rush to work in the traffic, be in your workplace all day and get home exhausted in the evening. Instead, you work from home, set your own hours, plan your day as it suits you. No one else determines your remuneration. You get paid for the work you do. If you work hard, you earn more money. You determine the limit.  If you want to be a freelance writer and are a graduate with an excellent command of English, apply to us today. All you will require is a computer with Word software and an Internet connection.

Start Today
You are a click away from a sound opportunity to change your lifestyle. Apply on our website and you will be given a test and asked to write a sample essay.  Once you are accepted, you start earning immediately. We are always looking for freelance writers, so we will be happy for you to join our team.

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