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Investing in others

Investing in others

It is so easy to lend a helping hand to a person in need. Sometimes even a word of encouragement and a bit of attention is worth more than a million dollars. Nowadays releasing children from poverty and saving the young lives is the question that deserves urgent solutions. More and more small creatures starve each day having neither medical supplies, nor food or clear water. It is impossible to believe in the fact that today, in the XXI century, some children remain illiterate and, thus, condemned to a defeated life.

For some private and juridic persons it has become a point of honor to get involved into donating and charity activity. Our Company tends to pull its fair weight into the global charity stream too. We cooperate as partners with the Christian child advocacy Ministry, Compassion International (www.compassion.com), supporting children all over the world in their health and medical, educational, sheltering and other needs. Consequently, you may contribute to releasing children from poverty by working together with our Company.

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  • Александр

    It’s hard to believe, but children all over the world not only starving, they are dying every day, every hour. I support charity activity, and I think everybody should. We can help others, let’s be more compassionate.

  • tatygrishana

    Helping others is an investment to the future of our world and our personal future as well. That’s great to know there are many people who think about charity missions.

  • foralina7

    I fully agree with the author of this article. Kindness and compassion towards others, not only children, have always been signs of a real man in any situation.

  • sunblooder

    Fully support this noble cause. Children are our wealth and to give them all to grow up fully human. Maybe even so we can share with them part of his heat.

  • Арина

    Yes, the home truth of our century is in that without regard to all progress and effort, all money of the world, his greater part remains beggarly, without education, house, meal and water.

  • writer111

    This is a great idea! As a writer, it really adds to the motivation that the work I do is not only for myself, but also for the betterment of other people as well.

  • boooro

    I do help people in need, especially if they’re children. Everyone should think about situation of doomed peoples and even try to help. It’s not about millions dollars, it’s about real helping hand. It does not worth a lot for you but for someone it’s the life question.

  • Robert

    Compassion is part of a life well lived. Sharing with others.