Advanced Status Standard Increased

Dear Writers,

The working conditions for Advanced Writers were extended. Now, Advanced Writer is able to take 3 orders automatically with the deadline of not less than 8 hours and the pages size increases to 20 pages.

1. After working with the company for more than 6 months in a row every writer may claim, in the form of email letter (forwarded to, to apply for “advanced writer” position. We accept applications until 15th of each month. If you applied after 15th your application will likely be reviewed in the next month.

Application for advanced writer position becomes possible if the writer produced:

  • not less than 50 pages during prior 2 months to the moment of application;
  • plagiarism free papers (during prior 2 months to the moment of application);
  • papers without lateness (during prior 2 months to the moment of application);
  • had no retracts without reasonable explanations (during prior 2 months to the moment of application).
  • had no disputes due to writer`s fault (during prior 2 months to the moment of application)

2. The application is reviewed and verified by Writers Department.
3. Finally, writer`s work is evaluated. The Evaluator will check writer`s grammar, writing style etc.
4. Writer is informed about the decision in a form of personal email letter by the 1st of next month.

In case of negative decision, the writer is informed about his/her mistakes and can reapply for Advanced Status in 2 months.

List of Benefits:
1. AUTO ASSIGN ability to automatically take 3 orders.
2. NO HOLDS holds are not applied to the account of Advanced Writer. Advanced Writer receives payment in full and first in a raw.
3. ADDITIONAL BONUS only Advanced Writer gets +5% to his monthly payment if he/she completed more than 100 pages during this month.
Bonus Payments: As an additional incentive for our writers, we are pleased to operate an attractive bonus payment system for high output. This is based on the Writer’s monthly income as follows :

  • + 2% for 80 to 149 pages in a month,
  • + 4% for 150 pages or more in a month.

We calculate the monthly total of each writer’s page output. No pages can be carried forward to the next month.
Your Bonus Payments are calculated automatically each month when the requisite amount of pages has been completed.

To discuss this topic on our forum and read or share your expectations/question/comments, please follow the link

Thank you for all of your hard work and we hope non-advanced writers will achieve this status as well.

Writers Department