Dear Writers,

We continue implementing new features to provide you with alternative and more comfortable ways to contact us. Our next step is Skype launch.

Skype is a free software application that allows users to chat/make voice calls over the Internet. Calls to other users within the Skype service are absolutely free. So, you can easily call/chat writer support and have a live communication.

To download skype and create an account, follow this link. (Existing writers, make sure to mention the same email you have registered with). New writers and applicants can freely add us to your skype and ask any questions you would like to know via live communication.

We will try to assist you in any matter, however, please, do not disturb us with the issues that usually are solved through the order page and you do not experience delay in the reply. The aim of this communication method is to help you when there is a misunderstanding or problem.

Also, we are more than welcome to help you with :

  • profile problems(lost/stolen password, login problems, etc.)
  • profile changes(email, pass, phone, etc.)
  • payment

You’ll find an opportunity to make a video chat, however camera is prohibited for security issues.

You can reach writer administrator on business days, at least 4-5 hours during the day time by GMT+2.

To discuss this topic on our forum and read or share your expectations/question/comments, please follow the link

Hope it will help many of you.

Writers Department