Growing popularity of professional writing jobs

Growing popularity of professional writing jobs


To be a professional at writing, you need to meet certain qualifications: you need to make money from your writing, you need the skills necessary to make a living as a writer, and you need to have the patience and diligence to work on demand. To obtain professional writing jobs, these qualifications should be kept in mind.

There are numerous professional writing jobs: content writer, technical writer, staff writer, junior writer, senior writer, journalist, research writer, textbook writer, blog writer, columnist, and many more positions. There are almost as many types of professional writers as there are types of people. This is due to the fact that writing is present in almost every company. No matter if it is a construction company or a law firm, writing will be used to send emails, write memos, create contracts, and so on.

I will discuss these writing jobs in detail. I will not, however, explore being a professional fiction writer or poet. Though it is possible to become one, it is not one of the most viable careers for writers. Lastly, for all the writing jobs listed, it is imperative to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a writing-related field, having a solid resume, and a portfolio of your work.

Content Writer

By far the most popular position on the Internet for writing, a content writer produces text for a company in the form of articles, blog posts, policy information, general website content, social media posts, and more. Companies know that the more content that is published on their websites, the more searchable they are on search engines. Also, they want to show customers their expertise and be helpful through articles, blog posts, and other types of writing that is catered towards clients.

Being a content writer can be a demanding job, as you often have to juggle many types of writing at the same time. However, it is usually an enjoyable position that is flexible and inspiring in regard to topics. In terms of professional writing jobs, the position of content writer not only pays well, but it is also one of the most highly paid if you get employed by a big name company.

Technical Writer

A technical writer focuses mostly on the information technology and engineering fields. They are often the most highly paid writers on the market. There is a reason for this: not only do technical writers have to be highly skilled, but they also have to know about specialized topics. Companies that regularly hire technical writers are Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, and other tech and engineering giants.

Most of the work of a technical writer is concentrated on composing text for guidebooks, policy write ups, manuals, and other documents that pertain to rules, regulations, and how-to instructions. This job requires a writer to traverse through demanding terminology and to know how to write succinctly about complex topics. Some might say that being a technical writer is boring, but if you enjoy conveying complex information through efficient means, being a technical writer can fit your idea of a good job.

Staff Writer

In regard to professional writing jobs, this is a more general position. Staff writers are people who are hired by a publication to write for them. A staff writer does not necessary need to write often for this publication. Usually, staff writers are those who have a certain expertise that publications vie for to create a greater sense of viability to their posts. In respect to this, the pay for staff writers varies dramatically, as it is more based on reputation and the publication’s policy for payments.

Staff writers can be professors, general teachers, or experts in a certain field. They commonly write for a publication on a part-time basis, or a few one-off instances, in order to express their viewpoint and/or research. In light of this, it is important to have other positions lined up besides being a staff writer if you want to make a living. It is not so common that staff writers are full-time employees.

Junior Writer

Though the position of junior writer has “writer” in its title, there is a lot more to this job than that. You’ll be doing a lot of research, drafting, editing along with contributing creative ideas, messaging, contacting clients, and more. To be a junior copywriter, you should be skilled in writing, editing, organization, and communication.

Though junior writers will not make as much as senior writers, they can still earn a livable wage. This position is often a stepping stone to achieve higher positions within a company. Advertising companies in particular favor hiring junior writers.

Senior Writer

In terms of professional writing jobs, this is one of the best ones to have on your resume. According Payscale, “A senior writer works for any entity that produces publications, such as magazines, newspapers, or blogs. The senior writer may also work for a company or organization in order to create things such as press releases, correspondence, and advertisements. A senior writer generally produces original content. Some research and interviews may be required in order to carry out tasks. Therefore, the senior writer should keep up to date on happenings in the assigned field in order to produce writing that will attract the audience” (Senior Writer Salary). Being a senior writer implies a certain level of experience in writing and organizing writing. You should have at least five years experience working on similar projects. And of course, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field.


As you might know, a journalist writes for news publications, either online or in print. However, “journalist” is a word that implies many different positions: reporters, sub-editors, photojournalists, editors, news editor, feature writers, specialist writers, and sometimes more (The News Manual). This means that the field of journalism offers many positions, and you are in luck because you can apply to several at a time.

Research Writer

According to, “A Research Writer is one who is proficient in researching information on a wide variety of topics from online as well as offline sources and then reproducing it in a desired format” (Research Writers). Many types of companies hire research writers: tech companies, engineering companies, scientific companies, and of course companies whose work is solely based on research. To be a research writer implies being keen on sifting through countless amounts of information, and gleaning pertinent tidbits from it. You should also be aware of how to properly format and compose research writing in order to be hired. Research writers commonly compile reports, essays, and articles devoted to delving into a single subject or several subjects. Often, this research leads to benefits for advertising, selling, and marketing.

Textbook Writer

This is one of the most specific professional writing jobs. Based on information from Top Education Degrees, “The tasks and responsibilities of textbook writing vary between and within subjects. Traditional textbooks require a systematic approach starting with an outline that the publisher will probably want to approve first. With the outline in hand comes the research and writing. Again, the publisher will want to review the work in phases as it is produced. The type of writing depends on the audience, topic and medium” (What Is a Textbook Writer?). Many types of writers can write textbooks, however technical writers and content writers are favored.

Blog Writer

When I listed “blog writer” I was not thinking of a 14-year-old in his or her basement writing cliche posts about life in general. Rather, I meant blog writing for companies and services. Almost every company has a blog, which includes updates, useful information, side notes, and information about products. Blog articles are fun to write and have a certain voice that is engaging. The posts should not be written like a textbook. They should grab the reader’s attention from the beginning to the end. Blog posts are also, in a sense, the face of a company. They offer clients to see a company’s personality and goals. Being a blog writer can be fulfilling and enjoyable due to the nature of the writing. Therefore, it is one the best professional writing jobs one can apply to.

A column in a newspaper or magazine is a regular feature. Thus, a columnist writes a daily, weekly, or monthly column for a publication based on a certain topic or field. They are like staff writers that compose text on a more consistent basis. Getting hired as a columnist is a blessing, as usually a columnist may stay in this position for the rest of his or her life. One should show expertise in a certain area, and have a solid background in journalism to obtain this position.


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