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Writing companies expand writers wanted uvocorp
There are companies that focus only or primarily on writing. These companies garner their revenue from customers that want copy for websites, essays written for homework completion, articles for periodicals, and much more. Writing companies hire writers that usually have degrees related to writing, and that have portfolios of their work.

Below is an exploration of writing companies where you can make a decent living.

Test Master

A widely-used company for content, Text Master focuses on multilingual articles and webpages. Although this is their focus, they have only native speakers working for them. All content written under this company is original and purpose-driven. Starting at $0.026 per word, their prices are quite affordable. They write for big companies, firms, and startups primarily, though non-professionals can benefit from their expertise and services as well. According to their website, they specialize in over 40 areas of expertise.

Crowd Content

This website specializes in housing writers that compose content for marketing reasons and for the engagement of audiences. The writers they hire are highly qualified and are knowledgeable in social media marketing. With this in mind, in terms of writing companies, this is one of those endeavors that requires a high level of skill in both writing and social media marketing. It is a good place to apply to if you are great at writing articles, blog posts, whitepapers, website content, and social media posts, among others.


If you are looking for writing companies that focus on legal assistance, Nolo is a fantastic place to start. Beginning in 1971 by two attorneys, Nolo provides positions for remote legal writers. This means you could be writing legal documents in The Bahamas if you so desire. However, legal writing requires a great amount of skill and expertise. One needs a degree focused on legal work and a sizable writing portfolio to apply to such jobs.

Cactus Communications

This company hires a variety of writers, editors, translators, and transcriptionists. It focuses on global clientele, and is in the vein of medical and scientific documents. Cactus Communications offers telecommuting and flexible work opportunities. Headquartered in India, this company is a rising star in South Asia.


This website focuses on answering research questions. So, if you enjoy research and helping others, this can be a solid pick. These questions can be professional or personal. The premise behind the business is that Wonder saves time for people who want to gain answers to challenging questions. As you can probably guess, this would be popular with students and learners in general.

Sports Direct

If you are looking for writing companies that deal with sports, Sports Direct is the largest provider of content for sports. It supplies print, mobile, and web information dealing with statistics and scores for countless sports teams. The company is mid-sized with over 200 employees and growing. Apply there if you are passionate about both writing and sports. You should also be detailed-oriented, and interested in research.

Thomson Reuters

According to Flexjobs, “Thomson Reuters is a global company that specializes in providing intelligent information to businesses and professionals in the financial, legal, tax, accounting, healthcare, science, and media industries.” They have over 100 offices, and hire many different types of writers and editors. They offer full-time telecommuting jobs, which is the right direction for any freelance writer or editor. It seems you should be detail-oriented and knowledgeable about business if you want to apply for a job at this company.


Formerly known as About.com, this is one of the premier writing companies. It is also one of the largest websites on the internet. A fantastic resource for information, Dotdash specializes in providing answers, advice, and inspiration. They have a wide variety topics they cover, including technology, science, better living, education, and more. Having Dotdash on your resume would be a resounding success.


Are any writing companies thrilling to write for? Our best bet is that Thrillist is one of them. It centers its content on discovering parts of a selected city that adds excitement to one’s perspective of local wonders. Even if you have lived decades in a city, you might not know what to look for within its limits. This is where Thrillist comes in. If you are a person who is passionate about the local flavors of your current city or hometown, then applying to be a writer at Thrillist is a great idea. Not only is the site for tourists, but also for locals that want to explore and discover the underbelly of their city. Thrillist regularly hires freelance writers.

Kelly Services

It is recognized as a great freelance and flexible company to work for. Kelly Services hires employees for many different positions, and especially technical writers who specialize in healthcare engineering, product content development, and training and test procedures, among other fields. This staffing agency is constantly looking for new employees, so give them a try.


If you are searching for writing companies with hilarious names, send your application here. Joking aside, Shmoop is a respected education website that has a touch of humor to its content. If you are specialist in your field and can write informally about it, then you should apply to Shmoop. They focus on getting students ready for tests in various areas of study. Making studying fun for students can be a rewarding activity.


This is one of the largest freelance writing companies. It hires ENL and ESL writers alike, though ENL writers earn more. They have a great influx of orders for one to take, and most of them refer to academic writing. They are a solid company with good support and reasonable pay. You need to pass a test for writing and be able to show your official education documents to be hired. If you are comfortable writing essays and other academic documents, UvoCorp is a good place to start and to stay.


As the name suggests, this website is dedicated to writing essays. You can earn a great deal of money writing essays for rich students in Saudi Arabia, China, and North America, among other areas. We understand if you are not comfortable writing essays for other people, but students do have their reasons for asking for this type of help: they do not have time for assignments due to work, they are a single parent trying to get their education and do not have time to focus on studies, or getting an education is more a token for them since they are rich enough that they don’t need an education. EssayShark is a reliable service, despite the ethical questions you have about its practices. There are many other custom-writing sites that do this type of work, but EssayShark has a great interface and system.


According to Glassdoor, a prime review site, “Ultius is a global leader in connecting consumers with qualified American freelance writers. Our online platform provides American freelance writers with steady, work at home jobs in exchange for attractive pay rates. With over 2,000 writing professionals, 24/7 editorial coverage, and world-class 24/7 support team members, Ultius drives the knowledge economy.” They focus on providing work for American graduates, and giving them with a step forward in a competitive economy.


This is a reliable custom-writing company that pays handsomely. You can make a steady stream of revenue through this website. However, be aware that the company sides with clients, even though their instructions might not always be clear or they don’t know always what they want to see in the writing. Also, you have to be aware of an overload of work being assigned to you. However, the reviews for this site are promising and show it is one of the best custom-writing sites to work for.

BKA Content

According to Glassdoor, “BKA Content is an industry-leading content creation company. With both on-site and off-site content solutions, we are a one-stop shop for product descriptions, SEO articles, web pages, premium content, blog posts, eCommerce product descriptions, press releases, eBooks and much more.” They focus on providing American writers with a great base for them to work as freelancers or otherwise. It may take only one day to get hired by them. They only require you to write a sample competently.

The Human Solution

With a name like that, you would think it would be one of those writing companies that focuses more on its employees and clients. They certainly deliver in that department by supplying their employees with many amenities and a friendly atmosphere. But for a company that specializes in furniture, you shouldn’t be surprised about them giving employees ergonomic chairs and whatnot. The reviews they have garnered from content writers are almost always positive. Give them a try.


Stated on Glassdoor: “Founded in 1999, Capterra has helped millions of people find the right software for their business—all kinds of businesses—whether a multinational corporation, a school, a church, a doctor’s office, a manufacturing company, or a zoo. Capterra works with thousands of software vendors to understand their products in order to match companies with the best software for their needs.” It is also one of the top places for content writers to work according to reviews, and is commonly described as an uplifting place to work.


There are many writing companies that one can work at. It all depends on if you want to work in-house or as a freelancer, and if you want a rigorous schedule or a part-time schedule. It’s all up to you. Hopefully this list will inspire you to send your application soon to be a writer at these companies.