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Seek for writers wanted signs

You’ve made it through college. You have your degree and now you are ready for the next step. Or maybe you have been in your career for a while and you want to see what else there is out there. You love to write, and people tell you that you are good at it, so now what? Chances are, if you are reading this you have asked yourself the same question I did: How can I make my love of writing pay off?

Seek for writers wanted signs

The best way to start is to take some time to consider what type of writing you want to do before you start looking over those writers wanted ads. There are different kinds of writing for so many different situations. Consider your style, experience, level of education, and command of the language. Do you have areas of expertise? Are writers wanted in those areas? Do you have specialized training or extensive experience in an area or have you been at your career long enough to be considered an expert in your field? These are all things to consider when you decide to become a professional writer.

When I first began to think about using my talent as a writer to make a living, I only considered what I thought of as traditional writing. Short stories, poetry, novels, and magazine articles were the main styles of writing that immediately came to mind. While it is possible to make a living doing these kinds of writing, I never came across an ad for writers wanted that was soliciting original pieces. I suppose that there are so many individuals out there that fancy themselves the new best-selling author that there is no end to submissions to the publishers. In fact, while with persistence and talent it is possible to get a few works published, really one shouldn’t try to rely on this to make a living, unless he/she is extremely talented or lucky.

Then there are the unfortunate sites that prey on the hopes of desperate writers. They will publish your work, and even praise you for it, but then come the solicitations to buy the publication that contains your work. If you are anxious enough to see your work in print, you might be tempted, but really, isn’t the real purpose of being a working writer to get paid – not pay out? I got caught out once in that kind of scheme. For the low, affordable price of $250 I could purchase the lovely, full-color coffee table book that contained my submission. I guess I’ll never get to see that piece in print, but in retrospect, it really wasn’t that good anyway.

There are plenty of other kinds of writing that can be found under the description of writers wanted.

Some sites pay to have individuals write blogs about different topics. Content writers create pieces on every topic imaginable and then see them published on various web sites and information boards. Some writers offer their services to others who need various academic papers and themes.

Whatever style of writing you choose to pursue, make sure that you check out the offer before you commit to it. Be wary of any site that wants you to pay in, although some magazines and journals do collect a modest reading fee to consider your submission. If the company needs to be paid before they tell you how make a submission, it may be best to look elsewhere. Quite often the information that you’re paying for is simply instructions that direct you to set up your own company and get people to pay you for the same information.
Take the time to research what others are saying about the company. Are their writers satisfied with the company as a whole? Are they supportive of their staff? Is the pay worth your time and effort? What are their writing standards? Don’t expect a company with lower standards to be in business very long. Finally, is it a good match for your situation? After you decide how many hours you wish to contribute to working, determine what the company expects from its writers. It’s up to you to locate the best writing job for you.

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